The Latest Advancement In Penis Peripherals

The Latest Advancement in Penis Peripherals

Erotic games are not mainstream in Japan. They are incredibly niche. But that hasn't stopped them from innovating, all in the name of weenie masturbation.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

In the past few years, erotic game companies have developed and/or released a slew of highly interactive peripherals (here, here, and, uh, here). The latest is from Tokyo-based adult game maker Waffle.

The Latest Advancement in Penis Peripherals

Currently in development, the electric-powered fleshlight-like peripheral moves in concert with the in-game action, which is something we've seen before. (These products are even more niche than erotic games.)

The Latest Advancement in Penis Peripherals

I guess the big innovation is that the hands-free peripheral can be moved to a variety of angles (as you can see in the GIF below) and has a suction cup, allowing people to stick it anywhere.

The Latest Advancement in Penis Peripherals

By it, I'm referring to the peripheral. Swear.

映像と連動する電動オナホを開発中! [Waffle NSFW]

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    Chinese already did it! :P

    Suction cup and adjustable angle?

    Underside of your desk at work! Unzip and stare your boss directly in the eyes as he talks to you as you get mechanically pleasured! Never trust that co worker who won't get up again!

    Does it come bundled with the Oculus?

      lol...I am sure it will eventually. Virtual sex suits anyone?

        All hail the era of VR hentai games \o/

    Wondering if this is cumming to consoles? There doesn't semen to be much info on it.

      Meh. Give it a couple weeks and all this will blow over.

      I see what you did there. But cumming on consoles is a bit premature.

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