The Legend Of Korra Game Looks Like Tons Of Fun

The Legend Of Korra Game Looks Like Tons Of Fun

Speaking of Bayonetta maker Platinum Games, the developer hooked up with IGN during Comic-Con this weekend to show off the first gameplay from the recently-announced Legend of Korra video game game. This I like.

The video, found via TAY contributor UI 2.0, shows Korra using all the elements at her disposal (all the elements) to take on various evil doers hellbent on doing evil. The moves on display are quite varied and a joy to watch.

The game begins with Korra’s powers being blocked by a mysterious enemy, with the player slowly regaining her gifts in the first play through, which is estimated at about four hours. The second play through gives Korra all the unlocked powers at the beginning, and the third brings it all together for the ultimate Avatar challenge.

A bit short, but fret not — the game also features a Pro-bending mode, allowing players to participate in the spectator sport introduced in the show’s first season.

The Legend of Korra is a downloadable title, due out this fall on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.


  • Hey look, Platinum Games managed to make a game with a female character that’s not sexualised.

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I think I’m going to have to marathon the series so I can understand the universe / story

    • its a good series to watch, I was a bit iffy after watching the first avatar series and not finding it that spectacular, but the story and characters in Korra are great.

    • Definitely worth watching the series, I didn’t expect it to be as amazingly well done as it was.

    • Watch The Last Airbender series, it’s fantastic!
      Legend of Korra… well, the first two seasons start off really promising and then swiftly nosedive to leave you with terrible, unsatisfying endings. I can’t bring myself to try season 3.

      • Season 3 actually is seeming to be better than the first 2. Less awkwardly written love-dodecahedrons and more direction in the storyline so far. Either way you know the animation will be amazing LoL 😛

  • Most of the original Avatar games were god awful, here’s hoping Korra’s games aren’t the same. I’d be really happy if they turned out decent.

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