The Line For The Australian Game Of Thrones Exhibition Is Four Hours Long

Heading to the Game of Thrones exhibition in Sydney over the next few days? Bring a packed lunch: the lines are massive.

The exhibition for Game of Thrones is in town, and it promises to show off real props, costumes and sets from the iconic show.

It's a free exhibition at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art in Circular Quay, and it runs from today through to Saturday, July 5.

Check out our wrap of it right here.


    No wonder people have to pirate game of thrones they're too busy waiting in line.

    So I guess it's keeping in spirit with the show in Australia with everybody waiting because the cost to get to the front of the line is too high.

      it'd be a more accurate representation if everyone was going in through the side door instead of waiting.

        We tried that. But theres quite abit of security.

    It's obviously a sting operation to get all the people who pirated the show.

      When I first heard about this I imagined someone from Foxtel looking angrily at their numbers for the airing and comparing it to the size of the line =P

    Winter is coming, eventually.
    In the game of thrones, you win or you die queuing.

      Winter is coming cause they'll be waiting in line all throughout winter

    It reminds me of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. (Which nobody will bother to click on, but here it is anyway)

    Thousands of 35 year old people, waiting days, even months for just a taste of George RR Martin's table scraps.

      I don't need to click it as I went through the whole Triumph playlist on the Team Coco Youtube channel just a couple of nights ago.

      I gotta say, Weiner Circle video is possibly my favourite thing on the Internet.

        I haven't seen it yet! Should make for some perfect dinner watching at home.

    4 hours long during a workday.
    Christ, trying to get in on the weekend will be pointless then.

      It's nuts isn't it. People might need to line up sometime on Thursday morning.

    I can imagine the dudes over at Foxtel HQ running the numbers, calculating how many people pirated GoT by adding up the total number of downloads.

    Emphatically, they then announce that over 200 million Australians have stolen GoT, making Australia the worlds most prolific pirates: 'At a rate of ten pirates per citizen, this place has more thieves than ever before.'

    They would describe it as shocking evidence of their lost billions in profit as a direct result of piracy.

      Before releasing all future episodes in stunning 240p

    Can anyone link to a torrent where I can pirate a ticket?

    missus and I flew from adelaide to be there today. got in line at 8:10am and got in at 11 when it openned no worries. we were at the very front of the line.
    basically, sucks to be the late risers. you snooze, you.... wait 4 hours.

      This begs the question of how one spends their time waiting in line for 2 hours and 50 minutes.

      Last edited 01/07/14 11:01 pm

        time went by fairly quickly. we brought breakfast with us, and just talked.

    Bloody piraters - the lot of them.
    Cops shud come and arrest the entire lot who don't have Foxtel.

    Cant believe their confidence is growing - and that they are sharing these bad habits with the next generation....

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