The Next Captain America Is Black

The Next Captain America Is Black

Confirming an earlier report, Marvel's Joe Quesada has revealed on The Colbert Report that the current Captain America, Steve Rogers, will soon be handing in his suit and shield. His replacement will be his partner Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon.

It's not exactly a shock. Wilson turned up in the latest Captain America movie, played by Anthony Mackie (who did a pretty good job), though he has of course been a regular in Marvel's comics since the 1960s.

The handover will take place in an upcoming issue of the Captain America comic series. Note that Wilson won't be the first black Captain America; Isaiah Bradley, a fellow product of the US Super Soldier program, wore the iconic costume and shield in a comic first published over a decade ago.

The Next Captain America Is Black

The announcement comes a day after Marvel also made a change to Thor. I wonder if there's anyone else planned. Your best/worst guesses below, please.

Joe Quesada Announces Black Captain America On Colbert Report — Respectfully We Informed You Of This Event At A Previous Juncture [Bleeding Cool]


    Have no problem with a black captain America. Have a problem with Falcon being captain America. God i hate falcon.
    On a side note, my prediction is steve Rodgers will be captain America again around April to May 2015.

      Umm, you forgot 1 thing, steve roger's super soldier serum is wearing off and maybe he will become the new head of sheild, plus it is good to see the falcon become captain america as he is like robin compared to bucky and the red hood, the former followed up to be a hero, while the latter are anti heros, a good contrast

        Because once things are set in motion in comics they can *never* be changed back to how they were before. It's not like Steve Roger could get another dose of supersoldier serum or get hit by lightning that reactivates the original serum.

      Yeah, this is about as permanent as Superior Spiderman was.

    I dunno, I like that they are their own characters and just not a change in gender/skin colour, but it also means we'll be back to 'classic' Thor and Captain America pretty soon because these things always revert. No matter how final they make it Bruce Wayne will always end up Batman again. They'll destroy the universe and start again if they have to.
    That's one of the things I like about Green Lantern's John Stewart. He's one of my favourite DC characters, but even though Hal Jordan is my preferred Green Lantern I don't have to choose between the two. You can put them on the same page without any struggling over who is 'the real Green Lantern' and it frees them both up to be even more interesting characters.

      Good point in the green lanterns, it's more like passing the torch (or lantern) from one character to the next and NOT completely rewriting an existing character.

      I don't have a problem with changing up things, like the whole ultimate imprint, or things like the newer version of spider-man (miles morales) it's just weird when they try and overwrite things in a bid to shock people, when we all know it's not gonna stick.

    Nothing super-new. Steve Rogers has given up being Cap before, not just once but a few times. And there was that one What If issue where Jane Foster received the power of Thor, and Loki gallivanted around as Lady Loki for a year or so. It doesn't matter how permanent Marvel thinks these changes are going to be, we're going to have Steve Rogers as Cap again, and Thor as a man again, in 1 or 2 years.

      Lady Loki and a female Thor....sounds like a parody I would like to watch :P

    Don't really read the comics so can't really comment. Loved The Falcon in the movie though.

    Breaking News: Dr Bruce Banner has announced that he will be parting ways with Marvel to take up the role of senior research adviser at CERN's LHC facility in Switzerland. It is understood that Cain Marko, aka Juggernaut will be promoted to the role of The Incredible Hulk.

    Since it's the Falcon, maybe it should be Captain Falcon instead.

    So..this news actually has nothing to do with the cinematic universe? and merely uses a misleading image which does not help the article if this is happening in a comic rather than on a screen

      It's just an image of the falcon, calm down buddy.

    I'm all for more diverse characters in the Marvel universe but do they have to re-paint existing characters to do so? That said as with all things Marvel these characters will probably revert back to their original forms in a years time.

      I agree, it seems a mite unnecessary. They didn't *have* to make the serum wear off, it's just a plot device like any other.

    Avengers Now (like Marvel Now but with just Avengers) promo pic with new captain 'murica (Falcon), the new Thor (TBA) and the new Iron man (still tony stark)

    A bit of an aside: The Thor thing doesn't make much sense to me though, because I always thought 'Thor' was the dudes name, what his parents called him, not a mantle (like Captain America). So, even if he's unworthy to wield mjolnir (or whatever it's called) isn't his name still 'Thor'? And the new person is still whoever she was, but just now has whatever powers she gets from the hammer? Am I overthinking this?

      Nope that was my understanding as well. If they follow that logic that means every single Norse god could gender swap, body swap, species swap but still keep their name! Meaning if Baldur became a woman he'd still be Baldur! I always knew Odin was a bit of a gurl.

        Glad it's not just me. He might have to do a Prince and become referred to as an unpronouncable symbol, or the "Unworthy Norse God formerly known as Thor".

          There should be an asterisk there so it continues "However he might become worthy again if we feel like it".

      Technically Thor couldn't be a horse faced alien as well... but we still got Beta Ray Bill =P

      I think they pretty much covered that scenario a while back when they "altered" Odin's phrase on Mjollnir to so "whomsoever shall be worthy to lift this hammer shall henceforth be called Thor" or something along those lines...

      But yeah it's a comic my friend don't over think the logic too much as it may lead to head exploding =P

        At the risk of my head exploding, even if Odin's phrase was altered (I didn't know they did that, thanks) it still doesn't explain what people should call the original Thor now. Is his name 'Kevin' now or something?

          IIRC someone mentioned he probably reverts to one of his alter ego names that he used before - "Sigurd Jarlson"

    Ugh, another Spiderman, another Nick Fury. I'm just glad that Kayne & Lynch movie never got finished.

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