The Rarest Known PS4 Trophies

You're one of them. The accomplishment addicts. The trophy trackers. You need to get them all. Well, here are some PS4 trophies you might not want — or be able — to get.

The PS4 is a young system that's still in the early stages of building out its software library. Still, the system is home to a few trophies that are so daunting that most mere mortals might never pull off. The gentlemen at Access PlayStation document nine in-game, tough-to-do feats from various PS4 games, which show up in Resogun, FIFA 14, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Sportsfriends, among other games. What say you, PS4 owners? Have you done any of these yet?


    You know what i miss?


    You know what I mean, the sort of thing where you'd see a headline like this and think "Huh, I wonder what the rarest trophies are and how many people have them?". So you'd click the link and inside would be a neatly organised list of the trophies, their relevant games, how to get them and a listing of how many people had them.

    Now we get this. A link to a video.

    I miss the old days.

    I've got nature in flower for ps3, It's not that bad.

    *punches Social Lubricant trophy to death*
    I hate it, I hate it , I hate it!

      Concur.. The drinking games are arse...

      The worst bit is not the actual drinking games its the tedious bits in between and the fact that when you lose the game spits you out away from the bar and you have to start again..

        Yeah, I gladly did all the other trophies, drinking games are just tedious, frustrating and generally no fun at all.

          Wave 6 on extreme came straight from the depths of hell.

      This trophy is the reason I don't have the platinum trophy for Watchdogs :(

    This definitely needs to be a video!

      On the US site, the contents of the video is spelled out because there were comments about the video - not sure why it couldnt be done here

      Anyway Kotaku, we are really hating these one line + video posts

    Nature in Flower isn't that bad at all. What determines what trophies are rare and which ones aren't? I've used psnprofiles and apparently, the rarest trophies I own have to do with 3D Dot Game Heroes.

    I never could collect that final mp3 in MGSIV. It involved attaining all (40?) emblems, and I realised after unlocking almost all of them that the "big boss" emblem required a 5-hour play through with no alerts or kills on the hardest difficulty :(

      so brutal. still trying.

        Haha, you've more strength than some of us. I gave up. I mean, if only Kojima didn't expect all of that within the 5-hour time limit :<

        I had a number of decent attempts before I finally submitted. Kojima wins.

      Yeah, that BBE run was tough. Got it done in 3.5 hours but the bike chase in Act 3 and the fight with Liquid at the end sucked big time. It's mostly just a matter of being very patient and knowing how to move through the levels quickly but quietly. Of course, if you're going for the Platinum you need to play through 8 times, so that's more than enough to become familiar with the acts.

      That said, BBE is not a walk in the park, it's hard!

    Not sure about this list, some of these aren't terribly difficult to get. The no civilian kills one in Killzone Shadow Fall was so easy I didn't even really try for it, I just shot the enemies and avoided shooting civilians, really not hard at all. Same goes for getting an S rank in all missions in MGS5:GZ, really not that hard, got them all done in a couple of hours.

    Now the Social Lubricant trophy in Watch Dogs? Someone at Ubisoft needs a good smack in the head over that one. WTF were they thinking?

    Some of these might be rare, but rare does not always equal hard.

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