The Room Is Finally Making Its Way To PC

Briefly: The classic puzzle game The Room is finally making its way from the iPad to the PC next week. Developer Fireproof Games also said that the new version will be done in "fully enhanced HD". So you know you'll have something pretty to look at when you're pulling your hair out in frustration!


    Excellent news, but I wonder how well it translates without touch? A small part of the joy in that game was physically manipulating the puzzles.

      I hope it still supports touch for the pc release.

    Can't even get this to run on my phone, didn't realize till after I purchased it that it's not compatible with Xperia's.

    Last time I tried was quite a few months ago though, so maybe the've fixed it now. Guess I'll have to re-download it to find out.

    Edit: Yay, it's been fixed \o/

    Last edited 24/07/14 9:49 am

    Not enough reference to the real 'The Room' in this article. Which by the way Yannick, is far better than Transformers 4 ;)

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