The Season Finale Of The Wolf Among Us Comes Out Next Week

Video: The season finale of The Wolf Among Us comes out next week. The fifth episode of Telltale's adaptation of DC Comics' Fables series hits Steam and North American PSN on Tuesday July 8. It lands on European PSN and Xbox Live on Wednesday July 9, with the iOS version following on Thursday July 10.


    Bring to PS4 please, I really enjoyed the first episode, but would like to continue the game on current gen.

      It'll be coming to PS4 just like The Walking Dead Season 2 is.

      Edit: you can pre order both at EB, no release date of yet. But i'd say within the coming months.

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        Really? Ah cool I didnt know they were even being considered. Cheers!

          Yeah, i'd assume it'll be on the PSN at some point too. No worries!

    I played the first episode and liked it a lot. I've been waiting for it to finish so I can buy the rest. I did the same with Walking Dead first time around and doing the same Season Two as well.

    I only just remembered picking this up in a sale a while ago, and started on Monday night of this week. Had finished chapter 3 by Wednesday night, and wanted to start chapter 4, but was worried chapter 5 might be a while away. Looks like it's not! Hurrah!

    Now we even the score!

    Looks awesome, and it looks like Bigby is fully transforming (For those who haven't read the comics he can transform into a wolf around the same size as Sif from dark souls)

    bought it in the steam sales hoping it'll finish so i can play it, looks awesome

    Ugh, why does it have to be released on the day I have my boob job? :(

    Hopefully now they've finished with this they'll get the Game of Thrones game out.

      Next up is Tales from the Borderlands, after that, Game of Thrones, then after that, likely The Walking Dead Season 3/Wolf Among Us season 2 (if they do a season 2)

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