The Square-Enix Sale On The Humble Store Is Pretty Good...

Hey friends, if you were thinking to yourself, "oh, I fancy one of them-there Square-Enix games for my PC", today is your lucky day. It's Square-Enix week on the Humble Store and pretty much every game published by them is on sale. Tomb Raider, Thief, as well as some classics from the backlog like Final Fantasy VII.

There is a lot of stuff here. Tomb Raider, if you don't already own it, should probably be your first stop. The Game of the Year edition is $7.49.

But even Murdered: Soul Suspect, a super recent release is $14.99, down from $49.99. That game got some seriously mixed review, but if it piqued your interest — like it did mine — this is probably as good a chance as any.

Older games from the Thief and Tomb Raider back catalogue are also available. Also The Legacy of Kain! Remember that series? Jeez. This is a real trip down memory lane. Nostalgia fiends gird yer wallets.


    Picked up FFIII. I will get my fiancee to play a JRPG. Oh yes.

    Might I suggest Sleeping Dogs to anyone who hasn't played it yet? Absolute steal at $5

    steer well clear of Dungeon Siege 3. co-op in that game made me physically ill.

      It was such a disappointment.

        I wasnt being metaphorical there. the weird spinning & horrible camera angels in co-op literally made me feel sick. couldn't play it.

    BZZZZT wrong! First stop should be Sleeping Dogs....

      there's no wrong answer when you can get both for $12.50.

    I got 3 of those games free with my 7870 6 months ago (Thief pre-order, Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider). Oh well, I miss out this time, good for the other folks though.

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