The Wii U Is Getting One Scary-Looking Game

If you like frightening games, good news. Here is the first trailer for the upcoming Fatal Frame game for the Wii U.

Long-time fans of the Fatal Frame series know that these are some of the scariest games you can play.

Fatal Frame: The Black-Haired Shrine Maiden will use the GamePad to see spirits that cannot be seen on the television screen — like "shinrei shashin" (心霊写真) or "spirit or ghost photography".

Out September 27 in Japan, there is currently no word on a Western release. It was also recently revealed that the series is getting a live-action film.

零 ~濡鴉ノ巫女~ 予告映像 [[email protected]]


    Please release this here, I need somthing to play when I finish Zombie-U.

    If this gets a western release, this game alone will get me to buy a Wii U

    Holy crap, it looks gorgeous! Love this series - definitely needs a local release!

    C'mon Nintendo, you released the remake and spirit camera, don't screw us over like you did with 4!

      It seems very likely it will get a localisation, the Wii U needs games and Project Zero isn't exactly an unknown franchise in the west.

    The Wii U Is Getting One Scary-Looking Game

    Yep, just one.

    And watch Ninty crush all our hopes again by not releasing it in the west :3

    Yes... i'm still a bitter bitter chap over FatalFrame 4 :D

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