The World Of Watch Dogs Is More Plausible Than You'd Think

Watch Dogs! It's a virtual version of an automated American city where everything is hackable. Total fantasy, right? Well...

The always-fantastic Jake over at Vsauce3 has an breakdown of how the connected technology we are becoming dependent on is gradually making us weak and exploitable. The world imagined in Watch Dogs is getting more and more real every day (minus the flaming horsey rides and unstoppable cop cars).

Thanks for the reminder that I will never truly be safe, Jake! If you need me, I'll be over here smelting down my iPhone and burning off my fingertips with lye.

via Vsauce3


    I thought Watch Dogs wasn't plausible because real hacking isn't simply just pointing and pressing a button.

      Well, you do have to *hold down* the button. But clearly the joining the pipe flow minigames were more in tune with what real hacking is like.

      The pointing no, that is pretty far fetched, the pressing a button yes, script hacking has existed for years, in the early 2000s it got really common with the sub7 virus that literally anyone who knew how to operate windows could use to start hacking people.

      Yes someone had to do the hard work in creating these scripts in the first place but if it exploits a reliable whole in a system it can become as easy as clicking a button. This is why I find everyone's critique over the hacking in Watch Dogs to be such a silly point, of course they arent going to go through the process actually involved in the set up of his ability to hack these things, that would be boring and tedious.

        Wouldn't a pre-set program be easily countered by simple security measures that changes the programming prerequisites?

          Only if the security flaw is found and only until it is fixed, the sub7 virus was around for 12 months or more and you'd presume a simple fix. Also considering what Aiden seems to be doing in WD is using hardline access into the system it creates further difficulties in closing the hole, because its no longer patching a network flaw but finding and closing his way into the access point.

    Its quite obvious that its plausible in this day and age. Just look at what facebook did with that experiment.

    And how do you know how plausible I think it is, oh viral headline writer?

    Apparently the world of Watch_Dogs is more plausible than completely possible because I was already aware just how easy it is becoming for people to hack otherwise critical systems. It's really quite alarming how at risk we are because technology and companies just can't keep up with those who would exploit it for their own benefit. Although half the problem is because technology itself is making it easier and easier to break security.

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