The World's Tallest Waterslide Is All Nope Nope Nope Too Fast

The World's Tallest Waterslide Is All Nope Nope Nope Too Fast

The Verrückt is the world's tallest waterslide. We're talking 168 feet of steel, plastic and sheer terror.

It's nearing completion, and as part of the process, some of the first humans have now put the slide through its paces (they initially tested with sandbags).

This is video of them going down. Warning: don't watch while eating.

Kinda cool being a water-based amusement that they got Davos Seaworth to do the testing...


    translation - Verrückt
    Basically crazy, insane, bonkers, bonzo, three fries short of a happy meal, whacko! (subtle tv reference, anyone place it?)

      Someone watched a bit too much Stargate...

        It is still a fantastic show, and more particularly, that episode stands tall as one of the best time travel episodes in sci-fi television (imo anyway)

          Who else's opinion would it be?

            You're asking me to predict another persons inclination toward entertainment?

              No, but if it's something you said.... in a comments section.... wouldn't it obviously be your opinion? Why would you say someone else's opinion?

                Because it might be an official decision by an actually Tv review board?

        If he'd been referencing Stargate Universe I'd agree, but SG-1? No such thing as too much. =P

      Stargate SG1?
      Edit - Too slow, eh :)

      Last edited 07/07/14 4:34 pm

    Someone pointed out they have put the cage over the parts were some of the sandbags were originally flying off.

      I think the entire run is covered, you just can't make out the net in the footage when it's moving fast and the sky is in the background.

    Better hope the net is strong enough in case someone does fly out.

    I'd give it a try though!

      Heavier people will pick up more speed but are heavier so won't fly out.
      Lighter people will not pick up enough speed to fly out.

      Source - amusement parks want to make money, not have video of people flying out of rides go viral and make the news.

    Are you supposed to ride the sled when this thing goes live? Or is this going to be a body only? If it's the latter.... oh lawdy. I don't care how lubricated that slide is, something is going to ride up your crack. Plus that collecting pool at the end will be filled with piss in the first five minutes.

    Imagine if you will, halfway down the slide

    a single nail

      Or a razor blade

      Why did you have to mention that... jesus christ... that is not a good thing to imagine D: oh god....

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