There Is Now A Game Journalist Simulator. This Terrifies Me.

Do I want to play this? Do I really want to play this. Will it make me angry? Will it make me laugh? Who knows. All I know is that a video game called 'Game Journalist Simulator' is being created. That is a thing that is happening.

Forbes contributor Jason Evangelho is behind the game and has rallied up a number of other Game Journalists to help him out on the project. It began, he tells Siliconera, as an attempt to better understand the development process, to help him understand games from that perspective. Now it's in the process of being made.

"It’s a serious project for us," he explained, "and we want it to be a genuinely fun game which both empowers players and makes them laugh their asses off."

So far I have no idea what to expect. I'm comforted by the fact it's being made by people who write about games for a living, which will probably help avoid the lame (inaccurate) jokes about moneyhats and whatnot. If we can have a video game that simulates being a goat or a rock, why not create a game that simulates being a game journalist? Although I suspect it might be a pretty boring game.

Game Journalist Simulator Is Being Created By A Game Journalist [Siliconera]


    This teaches me that without a microphone and a comically large notepad, you are no journalist.

      Yeah. Mark should be taking note of this. Get a microphone and a comically large pen. Doubt we will ever see it but at least it will do something. Probably just take up space, confuse people, and such

      Just scrolled back up to see the cover acain.

      I don't think the image in the article is actually related to the game it is about.

        So why use it?

      In my mind you aren't a journo without a trilby hat with a card that says "press" stuffed in the ribbon.

    Doesn't one already exist?

    I'd be interested to see how much Ubisoft makes off all this last-gen shovelware bullshit, because there has been alot of it.

    Wait a minute. How can we have a journalistic article about a game that teaches you to be a games journalist if it isn't out yet and you haven't learnt how to be a games journalist? It just... There's no... Chicken or egg, egg or chicken!? Huggbees!

      You don't have to be a journalist to write for Kotaku.

    I'd be worried about how Kotaku (particularly US) ends up represented.

    Honestly it needs to be done in the style of Ace Attorney where you go around questioning the public, colleagues and developers/publishers about the game for one half then the second half is piecing together a review whilst adhering to the rules handed down by the publishers who tell you what you can and can't say about a game. You will have opportunities to counter the rules by providing examples discovered during the first half of cases (re: research) and your ultimate goal is to craft a world where people are buying good games and ignoring bad games.

    Your rival would be the PR guy of whichever company created the game and your assistants would range from a witty scottish fellow, a rotund chap whom we should all be thankful to god for and a cardboard cut-out of an imp in a fedora.

    In the game, players compete to repost the most articles from other sites without comment while bonus points are awarded for embedding videos with no text and creative use of massive animated gifs.

      Embedding videos that aren't available in your location*

    I hope this includes a Laurie Oakes and Peter Harvey simulator. Probably needs a Fox "news" crampaign too.

    Is it an RPG, with skills such as Interrogation and attributes Charisma? Does it have a Good / Bad morality bar where if you tell dig deep and try to report facts you get respect but if you make up stories to get viewers you get rich?

    Dorito and Mountain Dew pre order bonus or no buy!

    a video game called ‘Game Journalist Simulator’ is being created

    must be a working title... if its just simulating games journalism you should call it "Kotaku"

    jokes i actually love you guys...

    So is that where Patricia and Plunkett got their journalism training?

    Last edited 10/07/14 3:25 pm

    If you want to level up to IGN level, do you have to always yell into the mic, constantly talk about eating chicken wings and defend Vita to your grave?

    You fail everyone unless you give COD and BF 9 out of 10 or more :D

    I'm just surprised to find game journalism is an actual thing. I believe there once was something which did bear a resemblance to game journalism, a long time ago, where people knew about the topic of which they were informing the public. Now it's a mash of random thoughts spewed across the Internet, adding no more value than comments such as this.

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