These Dark Souls II Panoramas Are Stubbornly Beautiful

Dark Souls isn't always discussed as being a beautiful looking game. Difficult? Yes. Rewarding? Yes. Beautiful? Not often.

But Dark Souls is beautiful in its own way. And these incredible panoramic shots prove it.

I stumbled across these images on the Dark Souls II subreddit and I'm currently trying to figure out precisely who made them! Either way, they are utterly, utterly gorgeous.

It hammers home for me just how unique the visual design of Dark Souls II is. It never feels designed, yet it is gloriously designed. It never feels like it was built to look beautiful, yet it looks beautiful. Stubbornly beautiful. Beautiful in spite of itself.

You can check out more of these Dark Souls II panoramas here.


    So many bad memories...

    Hey cool, there's a pirate ship?

    Took me about 3 years to get around to playing and beating number 1, I look forward to experiencing all of this some time around 2017!

      I'm trying to play #1 at the moment... not sure I'm going to get over the appalling interface though. Really, really bad.

    The vista when you first enter Majula rivals the first time you left the Vault in Fallout 3. Definitely a "wow" moment.

    Castle Drangleic for me. There should be more environments with rain. In all the games. ALL THE GAMES! ALL THE RAIN!

    Dark Souls is indeed known for being difficult...Dark Souls 2? Not so much.
    And the rain at Drangleic Castle was so annoying. You literally walk through a twenty metre cave from perfectly normal conditions into a thunderstorm. gg FromSoft.


    Huh? DKS2 is known for being difficult. Have you actually played it? You seem like you have little to no attention span if you think the walk to Drangleic Castle was boring. Go back to CoD.

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