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Dayshot: The 'Toy Box' is one of my favourite new features in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, and once it's implemented, it will free up so much bag space. Similarly to mounts, it will be a collection tab for all the non-combat vanity items, and we'll no longer have to keep them in our inventory.

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    They talked about this at Blizzcon, really glad they're implementing it. Most of my bank space is taken up with toys that you can only get once.

    I wouldn't get peoples hopes up. I tested this and my bank was still half full of crap. This mechanic goes by what Blizzard believes are "toys", and while that takes a lot into consideration (6 pages worth) there's a lot that misses out.

      They did say that they're wanting feedback on what could be going in the box. There's been a lot of toys and trinkets over ten years.

    the handful of items they put as "toys" are about 1/3 of the archaeology items.

    Also haven't transferred my main across to test the toybox, but there's about 10-20 items i have in my bags, about 7 are not on the current beta toybox.

    I suppose it's still in testing, because there's also no battle pet access in beta yet, the pets all appear, but they can't be accessed.

      Hopefully they'll expand the list to accommodate more toys because this does look pretty helpful given how messy my bank is on all my toons >_

    I am going to have godly amounts of space... my bags and bank are filled with vanity items

    Now we just need a tabard closet. And perhaps a professions specific tab in bank

      Good news on this front,

      on the current beta, there's an extra personal bank tab you can buy for 300g that stores crafting reagents. Press the move reagents button, and it works , it puts everything from the personal bags into the new tab. Apparently guild Wars 2 also does this. The ui needs a bit of work so far. It works, but it might be changed around.

      I haven't tested any crafting yet, but it should let you craft using banked items. Which should make some mailbox close to bank x areas, very busy with alts.

      Off the top of my head, it looks to be about 60 slots, similar to the guild bank tab UI.

      Void storage gets another tab, which is overdue. Same costs.

      For personal storage, there's a UI button to sort items, to "clean" bags and you can fill from right to left or vice versa. Similar to older bag on or inventory addon.

      After I copied my main into the beta, 22 / 110 toys found a home. (it will definitely drive people into collections) and they added a 7th page to the list, so they are still changing it slowly. Time lost artefact trinket isn't enabled yet, for instance, even though it's listed in the toybox page, so there's some drama with importing items from live that might cause glitches.

      of all the toy items, I still have 25 or more that didn't automatically become toy versions, or a toy transfer item in the bank or bags. When it works, the description of the item has a "Use: adds this item to the toy box" on the description.

      I have to go back and check, but a couple of toys are buyable from city vendor, and you can see what you have in the toybox when comparing store items.

    Now I only wish that they did this earlier BEFORE I threw out a bunch for space.

    This is gonna be great :) so many vanity items i can offload out of my bags :)

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