This Heavenly Sword Movie Looks A Little Strange...

I enjoyed Heavenly Sword when it came out all those years ago, but it didn't set the world on fire. Now there's a CGI only movie and everything about it feels a little bit strange. Take a gander at the latest trailer above for reference.

To begin with — why Heavenly Sword? It sold relatively well, but it was hardly memorable in the way that, say, Uncharted was. What motivated Sony to create a straight to DVD/Blu-ray release of this particular series? It's hard to tell. I suspect it might be something to do with how well done the original game's cut scenes were. I remember them being well produced — for the time at least — and containing some seriously compelling performances. Perhaps Sony thought that would translate to a movie.

But the production values are not great, barely above the quality of a current-gen cut-scene if I'm being perfectly honest. I would have expected more from a non-interactive piece of cinema. Compare it to the quality of the latest trailer for that Sly movie that's also being made and you'll see what I'm getting at.

Part of me wonders if this is some sort of experiment. Will audiences buy into this sort of product? Can something made on a lower budget still satisfy fans of certain video game franchises? I suspect I'll still watch this when it's released, but I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it. I hope I'm wrong.

The movie is set for release September 2.


    heavenly sword... never heard of it...
    but it looks like i have a new game to play on the weekend! whoo!

      It was my first PS3 game and I love it. Nothing to write home about (gameplay-wise it's basically a God of War clone and you can tell it's an early PS3 game) plus you can breeze through it in a weekend with no problems but the story's really powerful and the acting is pretty damn good too - Andy Serkis is Bohan and Anna Torv (from the Fringe TV series) stars as Nariko.

        Serkis isn't in the movie though. I think they replaced him with Gabriel Byrne.

    Part of me wonders if this is some sort of experiment.
    I do recall reading an article a long time ago saying that the studio involved, or sony, wanted to see if they could make a movie using in-game assets...

    It doesn't look terrible i guess, but, it does look like a early last gen cutscene.

      I had read somewhere that Ninja Theory (the dev of the game) originally envisioned their game Enslaved as a feature film made in the Unreal engine but turned it into a game. Looks like the seed they planted grew into something else.

    hope they are doing this to ramp up some interest in a sequel, I really enjoyed the game and was disappointed it didnt do well enough to warrant one

    Is this supposed to be an official machinima?

    I'd love to see a Heavenly Sword 2 game!

      Platinum games had written a sequel, it's just that the game never sold enough copies to warrant the sequel's existence.

        Damn. The game was actually really good in my opinion. Not sure why many others havnt played it.

        You mean Ninja Theory right?

        Any decision on sequel games would be in Sony's hands though, since they own the trademarks.

    The biggest issue is the lighting which looks really dated, even by modern in-game standards. I guess ripping out the old render and overhauling it wasn't worth the money, but it does kind of beg the question "why bother at all? Why exactly does this exist?" If they're planning to do a sequel, I'm not sure releasing an ugly looking straight to DVD movie is really going to do their marketing many favours.

    Videogame CG movies aren't exactly new...and videogame CG movies being turds isn't new either. Anyone see that Resident Evil CG movie in the airport? *shudders*

    If they're smart, they'd also include a copy of the PS3 game on the blu-ray copy of the film. Being a fairly early PS3 game, surely they could fit it on.

    I don't know if I'll watch it, but it's certainly given me an urge to replay the game again.

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