This Is The Closest You Can Get To Really Playing Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is an anime series about 6000 players trapped in a VR MMORPG. So what could be more apt than playing a Sword Art Online game with the Oculus Rift VR headset?

About a week ago, Oculus Rift had a booth at Anime Expo 2014. There you could try out an official demo for Sword Art Online. The demo included a scripted boss fight — in which the player had no control over movement or fighting, only over where he or she looked — that was followed by a brief minute of sitting leisurely under a tree with series heroine Asuna.

Sure, it's only a proof-of-concept type of thing, but it certainly has me excited about what may be to come.

So, this may be a bit premature, but who's up for joining me in conquering all 100 floors of the floating castle of Aincrad?

New episodes of Sword Art Online are currently airing on Crunchyroll and Daisuki.

Oculus Riftで『ソードアート・オンライン』の《ナーヴギア》が味わえる公式動画が到着! 激しく動いて戦うアスナの姿を動画でチェック [Dengeki Online] via [Ebitsu]


    Fuck you Kirito. Just letting Asuna do all the work... Teens these days.

    Which is better: a. putting on a vr headset willing knowingly that if your die in the game, you will die in real life also knowing that your death will a. traumatize your family or b. knowing that your body will not be found by anyone if you are living alone until some squatters want to live in your house & find your body or b. Knowingly zap yourself with a laser to go into virtual reality knowing the consequences if you don't return to this world, personally I want the laser option

    Or I could strap the PS Vita game to my face.

    Sword art online is one of two things id really love to see made into an official mmo. Tge concept of actual permadeath in the game sounds exciting.

      Hopefully not too close to the anime otherwise it's permadeath irl too :P

        Just leave that omission. But imagine how the dynamic would change if dying had actual weight to it

          Welcome lonely traveler, to the land of DayZ....

            I have been curious about that game, but then watching lets plays of it havent exactly made me pull out my wallet on steam

      There are MMOs that have permadeath in them. I don't remember their names, but if you Google enough, you'll likely come across them. They were fun to play. Until I died, that is.

        I have tried looking but the onpy ones that were said to be any good are either closed or about to close which makes it feel pointless to try and get into something only to lose it all

      It is being made into an MMO.

        Yeah, then lets wait until someone launches a DCMA... I want AoA to go full release but based on the fact its fan made with no publisher backing it...

    i kinda find these splitscreen oculus videos a bit disorienting. Are they supposed be watched with the headset?

      Sort of. It's a direct feed of what's piped through the headset, so there's one half for each eye and they're distorted to counteract the effect of the lenses. Though it's still not the best feeling to be watching one of those videos through the Rift and have the camera make all these movements that you aren't making yourself :P

      Or you can go cross-eyed until the images overlap, producing the illusion of a 3D image in the middle. Causes a little bit of eye-strain over a period of time, but certainly do-able.

        Just tried it in response to reading this comment. lol. The end result was that my eyes were constantly fighting to readjust back to normal when trying to do it. Was fun to try though.

    As much as I would love SA:O to be an actual MMO or the Oculus Rift, I always remember how shit it would be in comparison to the Anime. They would have to make a game graphically more beautiful than any MMO I could name, more diverse than Minecraft, bigger than DayZ and in VR...

    Put simply, it ain't happening, and if it did, it would suck.

    So internet please, please go prove me wrong now...

    It was actually 10,000 players trapped wasn't it, because the release of the game was 10,000 copies?

      Pretty much but by the time they Kirito finally finished it there were only 6000 ish left

    They better start making occulas with gloss material and colours other than black.

    Seeing the world is the first step, now they have to figure out a way to feel it too.

      They are getting there, Node is doing the virtual arms, and there's that treadmill thing to walk on. It's only a matter of time till it's full immersion.

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