This Is The Sound Of Kanye West Getting A Streetpass

Music mash ups are amazing. I love them. I love them especially when they just work so goddamn perfectly. This mash up is one of the best examples in recent history.

It's Kanye West mixed with the Streetpass music. It's one of those mash-ups that, when you hear it, you just burst out laughing because it's perfect.

Alright, alright, I'll stop. I'm building it up to much. Just listen!

Thanks Elizabeth!


    I'd like to hear the sound of this clown getting kicked in the head. That's the kind of beat I like.


        " i am a god"

          So because he considers himself a god when there is none, you believe he should be kicked in the head.

            I think he's a arrogant douche that needs a kick in the head.
            His first album was good, but yeezus was not even music. Arrogant rants with samples pasted ontop.

              Mate. You couldn't be more wrong. Yeezus was so good. So were Late Registration and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. You clearly don't like the guy, which is somewhat understandable, but don't pretend he isn't good at what he does.

                He has amazing sample selections and composition of them, but when he opens his mouth and his screaming "blahahahsdklfkdhgdsh", i loose my intrest.
                And skin colour or music genre has nothing to do with it.
                I feel the same way about m&m too, but he isn't in this mash up.

                  To claim that you want someone's head kicked in that you haven't met and to be really fair, his only crime is shit talking... which in the great scheme of things is nothing; well that is a little extreme.

                I dunno. I pretty much liked everything from College Dropout through to Dark Twisted Fantasy and yet I think Yeezus is simply utter tripe. It's the ravings of a delusional madman; someone who has only been told "yes" for too long - literally the musical equivalent of the Star Wars prequels.

                As for the mashup, I wasn't sold at first, but after a few subsequent listens it has started to grow on me a bit.

          You do realise he is all but quote a verse from the bible in that we are ALL god don't you?

          Kanye is a religious man.

      Much anger. Who'd Kanye hurt?

        No anger, just a play on words. It sounded like circus music, hes a clown, beat, a kicking. the music... nevermind.

      Nah, getting nailed with a gat would be better. I'd watch that video over and over and laugh my ass off. This guy and everything he stands for is scum.

    You call this music??
    The guy just yapping on top circus music.. (facepalm)

    "I am not a Nintendo, I am the voice of a generation"

    Seriously Kotaku? We can read trash about celebrities almost everywhere else, why do you need to put it here too?

    I enjoy Kanye's music and nintendo, so this sounded pretty cool to me.

    It's crazy how far Kanye has come. First time I knew about him was in the late 90s when I read his name in the Jermaine Dupri or maybe Harlem World album credits, and thought it was pronounced 'Kayne'. He then went on to produce some incredible tracks for Jay-Z, particularly on The Blueprint (shout out to Just Blaze and Bink), and a bunch of other artists. Through The Wire came out and then there was a huge buzz for his debut which didn't disappoint, for the most part (should've put Home and My Way on it :/). Anywho, he's obviously one of the most prominent celebrities in the world right now for better or worse, but I just hope people know that he worked HARD to get to where he is today, and he's actually very talented and passionate at what he does. By all accounts (Pete Rock, DJ Premier and RZA) he's apparently a great dude in the studio.

      HIs name was pronounced "Kayne"? Is Kanye like an Oprah situation where someone spelt it wrong and he rolled with it 'cause he like it?

        No, I meant that I thought it was pronounced that way the first time I read it. The spelling's always been 'Kanye'.

          oh right. I should have gotten that from what you said, that was my reading comprehension fail.

    Not a Kanye fan so i had trouble getting into this one. But the Idea is sound ill have to check out some others :)

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