This Might Be The Best Trollface Of 2014

It's July. We're at the halfway point. I know. But it's really going to be difficult to top Japanese flyweight Takuya Eizumi's trollface for this year's best.

As first noted by website Cage Potato and r/MMA, Eizumi unleashed this epic trollface after winning at a hybrid wrestling Pancrase 259 match last month in Japan.

The result is an image that the internet isn't likely to forget soon. *Makes copy of GIF; saves on desktop*

This Might Be the Best Trollface of 2014

GIF of the Day: Takuya Eizumi's Epic Victory Trollface [CagePotato via via r/MMA via Hayabusa]


    This guy is a candidate for the Cauliflower ear of the year award.

      Aw man, I didn't notice until you point it out. Guy needs some tape.

      Also I like how your award title rhymes.

    Well now his face is probably going to be everywhere. Truest way to immortalize oneself is to turn yourself into meme material.

    This is amazing

    If I were beaten by someone making that face I think I'd die of rage poisoning.

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