This Splinter Cell Fan Film Looks Way Better Than You'd Expect

I love fan films, but when watching them there is always a sense that they are 'fan films'. There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, they often just feel a little low budget, with a little too much fan service. This trailer for a Splinter Cell fan film? It's actually pretty damn close to pushing past those stereotypes.

I mean this looks good, and not fan film good — good good. This is just a 30 second teaser for what's apparently still to come and I'm already sold. I'll probably watch this, and not in a patronising, 'oh jolly well done' way, in a 'wow I'm actually engaged and totally watching this' way. I hope.

I hope that whatever comes of this matches the quality of the trailer above, because I'm fully impressed.


    Looks cool.

    Really hope when the Hollywood version comes Hardy keeps the goggles.

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