This Video That Explains All The Upcoming Changes To Battlefield Hardline

Anyone here play much of the Battlefield Hardline beta? I got distracted by the Destiny Alpha and missed out, but those of you invested in the Battlefield scene might find this video helpful. It goes through all the recent changes being planned in the wake of the beta. Basically it explains how your feedback on the beta will end up affecting the 'final' version of the game.

Things like the game's general speed is going to be increased, alongside a number of other minor bugs. It's mainly all adjustments in the name of balance, but hardcore fans might find this video worthwhile.


    As long as they don't nerf my Tec-9 (A.K.A the chopper killer im fine with the changes)

    So more hand holding?
    Why not call it Battlefield: Universal Soldiers?

    I was originally pretty unimpressed with Hardline. Blood money was the first mode I tried, and it was just very average all around imo. It was almost enough to put me off the game altogether. Heist on the other hand was actually a hell of a lot of fun. Making a mad dash to the escape point with the cash with a horde of cops chasing you can be a real rush. Can't wait to get back into that again.

    Not sure how I feel about all the changes in the video though. The survivalist nerf was to be expected, and I can't say it'll be a great loss, but I never found the run speed to be an issue. Also I know everyone bitched about the crane shake being overboard, but I thought it added a nice tactical element if you brought it down at the right time.

    I'm not saying don't buy it, but if you buy this game at launch... after the shit they pulled with bf4 ..your stupid.

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