This Week In The Business: Battlefield Market Research

This Week In The Business: Battlefield Market Research

QUOTE | "You could market research any product to death if you're not careful." — DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson, talking about how DICE has to filter fan feedback to help make the best game.

Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We devote so much energy to the negative aspects of serving a technologically savvy audience — hacking, piracy, etc. — that it's easy to overlook what a wonderful resource having a community that's talented and passionate can be." — Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand, arguing that modders are developers and should be treated that way.

QUOTE | "We made a difficult game, and the fact that it was free made people suspicious, and rightfully so." — Kitfox's Tanya X. Short, developers of Shattered Planet, talking about how free-to-play isn't always the best option for mobile games.

STAT | $US1.04 billion — Amount of revenue World of Warcraft made in 2013 worldwide, making it the #1 MMO; Lineage 1 was #2, TERA: Online was #3, and EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic was #4 with $US165 million in revenue.

QUOTE | "Developers will see mobile as a revenue stream they can only ignore at their peril." — Olivier Voirin, VP of Sales in Europe for Mad Catz, explaining how "mobile is being taken very seriously as a platform for core gaming."

QUOTE | "Most of our digital revenue comes from our brick-and-mortar stores." — GameStop president Tony Bartel, talking about how GameStop took in $US724.4 million in digital revenue for 2013.

STAT | 106 per cent — Amount that US retail sales of video game hardware jumped in June 2014 compared to June 2013, according to NPD; software declined three per cent due to fewer new releases than last year.

QUOTE | "A lot of that audience felt almost insulted that a company like Harmonix would be turning to Kickstarter." — Alex Rigopulos, chairman and CCO of Harmonix, talking about how Kickstarter has become more difficult, perhaps especially for established developers.

STAT | $US3 billion — Amount that mobile game company Machine Zone is valued at as it raises a new round of funding; the company projects $US600 million in revenue this year from its hit title Game of War: Fire Age.

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    Contents of the post aside. Given the state of the last few battlefield releases, "Battlefield: Marker Research" is accurate enough to be a believable name for the next series.

    You'd think with all the market research they do that "working servers" would have come up as something that a lot of customers would be interested in.

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