Today, We Remember The Most ‘American’ Game Ever Made

Today, We Remember The Most ‘American’ Game Ever Made

Every July 4, I like to reflect on the most American game ever made — so American, in fact, that it could only be made in Japan. I’m speaking of Metal Wolf Chaos — a game which opens with the President of the United States exploding out of the oval office in a mecha suit, sporting more guns than the NRA’s wet dreams.

But of course, that’s hardly even the tip of the iceberg for this uber-patriotic American love-fest.

There’s the scene where the President faces off against the Vice President in a mecha suit battle in New York while arguing about who is the true American hero.

Or how about the one where the President rushes to do the impossible (read: jump on a space shuttle launching into space from the Las Vegas strip) for no other reason than that he is “the President of the great United States of America.”

And keep in mind, this is a game where they have built a gigantic “electromagnetic Alcatraz canon to combat terrorism.”

Even the president’s daily schedule has to be adjusted for the important things: like “heading out to save America.”

The game itself ends with a speech (that gives Independence Day‘s a run for its money) which extols the following: “In fighting to gain our freedom, we need no reasons. We require no just cause or flowery words. In order to protect our neighbours who love freedom and this faith in freedom, we continue to believe in our own justice. We won’t abandon any battles. And the reason is because we are all citizens of the United States of America.”

Seriously, I ask you: Is there anything more American than this game? I think not.

Metal Wolf Chaos was released in Japan for the original Xbox on December 22, 2004. And despite all voice work being in English, it has never received a Western release.


  • Another post about the Fourth of July in the U.S.A and another that is a day late. Seriously people, we have these things called time zones, look them up.

    Nothing says America like Saints Row 4 anyway, such a good way to fail hey journo?

  • Jingoism, militarism, patriotism… All this this game has that we adore for its insanity. Go look over the Transformers site and see how much people jump at the chance to judge something they know other people are willing to judge. Rationalising like crazy must be fun.

    I remember this game and how much fun i had, i just hope i’m allowed to display such positivity.

  • I was watching the SGDQ run of this and it was incredibly entertaining. RIIICCHHAARRDDDD!!!

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