Trials Fusion's First DLC Pack Seems To Under Deliver. Dramatically.

When the 'Origin of Pain' DLC pack for Trials Evolution launched in October 2012 it came packaged with 36 all-new tracks, new skills games and 100 new objects for player made levels. All for 400 Microsoft points (just over $5). Ubisoft just announced Riders of the Rustlands, the first DLC pack for Trials Fusion. It contains just 10 new tracks — only six of which are traditional tracks — one new skill game and "dozens of new Editor Objects". The price is the same. Personally, I don't think that's good enough.

It's just such a dramatic decrease in content.

I understand that it's part of RedLynx/Ubisoft's plan to release multiple DLC drops as part of the 'Season Pass' model, but I don't think that excuses delivering less than 30% of the content you delivered previously for the precise same price. I say that as a genuine fan of the Trial series.

Here, specifically is what is being offered as announced on the Ubiblog:

5 new achievements/trophies
10 new tracks
6 classic Trials tracks 2 new Supercross tracks (local multiplayer) One new Skill Game (“Laws of Motion”) One new FMX track (“The Gauntlet”) 18 new Track Challenges
Each classic Trials track contains 3 Track Challenges Track Challenges range from secret locations to minigames: Infiltrate the Outsiders’ hidden base Compete in a game show against penguins Find more secret squirrels Dozens of new Editor Objects
Steel pipe set Wooden ramp set Computer mainframes And much more

If this is the standard we can expect from future DLC drops, it might take all six of the promised DLC packs to provide the value Origin of Pain delivered in one single DLC package. The next DLC pack, Empire of the Sky, is actually set to deliver only nine tracks for the same cost. You can save money by subcribing to the Trials Fusion season pass, but that will set you back $20.

It seems like there's been a dramatic switch in terms of what RedLynx is delivering in its DLC here. Perhaps we were spoiled in the past and RedLynx was overdelivering but, considering what came before, 'Riders of the Rustlands' seems to be dramatically under delivering and that situation doesn't look like it will change any time soon.


    @markserrels to be fair, after seeing that epic track the other day you posted, ANYTHING pales in comparison doesn't it....

      User created tracks might just be the saving grace of the game in the long term.

        except they aren't allowed to make supercross tracks yet
        seriously this DLC comes with only 2 extra supercross tracks.
        they better be freaking amazing

    It's truly is hard to justify spending money on DLC when they give you virtually endless levels with the level creator...

    Similar to Little Big Planet, the user generated levels normally outweigh what the developers create after a certain point in time.

    To be completely honest I still haven't seen anything but the Deluxe Edition (comes with Season Pass) sold in shops, and it's only been around 50-60 bucks so that may explain the lack of content in comparison. It is worth mentioning I haven't played any previous Trials games, so I dunno if they were bundled as well.

    I can't see why you would ever be buying these DLC's on a one off basis.... you would either buy the season pass or not bother. I love the game so will take whatever I can get, but it does seem light on for single player tracks. It may be falling into the forza trap of more detail, less content, as with challenges it must make it harder to create, but we still have expectations of quantity in spite of quality from last generation....

      "you would either buy the season pass or not bother."

      It’s almost like that’s what they want you to do!

    Was there really a higher expectation, given everything that happens in this industry? It's okay to be miffed and sound out your protest, but any act of surprise is odd to say the least.

    Day 1: I walked down Main Street today and a guy dressed as a clown accosted me in the street, then gave me a slap on the butt and ran away singing Stutter Rap by Morris Minor and the Majors. I was terribly shocked and surprised.

    Day 2: I walked down Main Street today and again this guy dressed as a clown accosted me in the street, gave me a slap on the butt and ran away singing Stutter Rap by Morris Minor and the Majors. I was again shocked and surprised.

    ... time passes by...

    Day 436: I walked down Main Street as usual today. Guess what? That guy dressed as a clown accosted me AGAIN, then gave me a slap on the butt and ran away singing Stutter Rap. Oh boy was I ever shocked and surprised!

      Surely the surprise comes from the fact that I haven't gotten bored of dressing as a clown and stopped doing it by now.

      Also redlynx haven't done anything on quite this scale before so I think it's fair to be disappointed and a bit surprised at the switch to a penny pinching mentality. Although now that I think of it, the total absence of DLC for Evo Gold might have been considered as a warning sign they were going a bit mental.

    I am so disappointed with this game.
    Going from Trials Evolution on 360 to Fusion PC was...horrendous.
    They scrapped online MP, Tournaments (for a while, at least they're back now), and went a bit short on the tracks.
    I guess they expect the community to make the experience worthwhile, which is fine, but no one makes tracks for the PC version, i think it has about 10% of the custom content that the console versions have. :'(

    Last edited 03/07/14 1:22 pm

    Well that's a disappointment. The main game didn't seem to have enough tracks in the first place. Going from 36 to 9 is for the same price is crazy!

    I'm gonna point the finger at Ubisoft personally, it seems like their style.
    I swear it seems like they are taking up the bad publisher reigns from EA.

    Just picked it up as part of the steam sale, got the season pass - can't wait for all that content.

    This is still a great value compared to other game's DLCs. The average shooter offers only 3-4 maps for 3-4 times the price. Even without any DLC I feel like I've gotten my $40 worth because I've already played this game more than every $60 game I've bought this year put together. The value on previous Trials games was insane. So it's not as good as it was, it's still better than just about any other game. I'd pay $5 for the new editor objects alone.

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