Two Men Fall In Love. One Is A Motorcycle

Two Men Fall in Love. One Is a Motorcycle

Following Japan's trend of anthropomorphising stuff, Japanese publisher Kadokawa is releasing a two-book series involving romance between a man and a motorcycle and a car. Wut?

Titled Zokkon, the books are paving the way for a new niche genre. A very niche genre. A very, very niche genre.

The first story of Zokkon revolves around the protagonist, Aoi, who, upon moving to a northern snowbound city, sells his bike. One day, he is approached by a man, Hayato, who claims he was Aoi's bike and professes his love for Aoi. Their romance is interrupted by a man who approaches Aoi, claiming that he is Aoi's car.

The second story focuses on Aoi's brother, Shuri, who falls in love with the man claiming to be Aoi's car, Fitz.

Two Men Fall in Love. One Is a Motorcycle

The books are being released under the Kadokawa Ruby line, a line of books of the BL (Boys Love) genre — homoerotic stories primarily targeted at women.

Kind of brings a whole new meaning to the term "car sex", doesn't it?

Book 1 goes on sale on July 1. Book 2 is scheduled for release on August 1.

Two Men Fall in Love. One Is a Motorcycle

角川ルビー文庫 [角川ルビー文庫]


    Cant hate. Ive been enjoying Monstergirl harem manga recently. Well done Japan, you wacky bastards!

    The pair would drive you crazy, no?

    So is there an unknown game Japan likes to play where they try to one up everybody in terms of stupid?


    What's next? Home appliances? A love story between a man and his dishwasher? A romantic triangle involving a Fridge, an Air-conditioner and a Heater? The Aircon wants to be with the Fridge, but due to the inbuilt inverter finds itself irresistibly attracted to Monsieur Heater? See I can come up with nonsense too.

    i wanna read this... just to SEE this.. ya know?

    wait wait wait, aren't all bikes, boats and cars meant to be girls?

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