UFC President Would "Absolutely" Put Chuck Norris In EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC has had mixed reactions since its release in June, but there's no doubt it's the beginning of a franchise and folks are already wondering what's next. This time round the game launched with Bruce Lee as a surprise inclusion. Who's next? Chuck Norris? Well, UFC President Dana White thinks that might be a good idea!

In a recent interview Dana White was given a handful of names and asked whether or not he would add them to the next version of the game. Most of the suggestions were completely vetoed, but when the interviewer mentioned Chuck Norris?

"Absolutely," he replied.

Played out jokes aside, Chuck Norris is actually a mixed martial artist. He has black belts in Taekwondo, Chun Kuk Do, Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. That is a metric shit tonne of black belts in anyone's language and some of those are 8th and 9th degree black belts. Let's put it this way: if there was a UFC for people over the age of 70, Chuck Norris would have a great chance of being the champion.

In a lot of ways, Chuck Norris has way more right to be in the game compared to Bruce Lee, having actual competitive experience in Martial Arts and actually briefly creating and running an MMA organisation.

I actually really hope this happens, and it's a real possibility. Dana White played a huge part in putting Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC and if he wants Chuck Norris in the game, he'll most like be in the game.

Dana White would 'absolutely' put Chuck Norris in next version of EA Sports UFC video game [MMA Mania]


    Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris in the Octagon.... DO EEEETTTTT!!!

    Most broken fighting game character since Magneto.

    He only needs 1 move, a roundhouse kick

      Check Norris can roundhouse kick in Taekwondo, Chun Kuk Do, Tang Soo Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo

    HAHA just had a great idea.
    A special game mode, where you fight chuck norris. You can't win (no possible way to win) but you just have to last as long as possible before he beats you up. Sorta like a CoD zombie match, just chuck norris keeps going..

    You would have like 3 fighters you pick and they enter the ring one after the other

    I loved watching WCL fights. They were a lot of fun.

    WCL wasn't an MMA organisation, though, it was all stand up fighting. It was started in part because he thought that grapplers had reached the level that they were effectively cancelling each other out and the fights were getting boring.

      he thought that grapplers had reached the level that they were effectively cancelling each other out and the fights were getting boring.

      I think he was right

      I understand there is technique involved etc. but it is boring.

    He's also a racist, homophobic, gun obsessed, religious twat.

      I definitely get that, and while I'm not saying one way or the other (my knowledge of the guy is seeing the occasional film, watching him spruik infomercial products and strangely enjoying the meme, so I'm not really in the position to rule on who he is as a person), do these things negate what he's done in his martial arts career? Michael Jackson was allegedly a kiddy-fiddler, which of course is a horrible thing if it's true, but does this somehow negate the artistic merit of the music he produced? Does still enjoying his music make you a bad person?

      Not trying to pick a fight here; I'm really just interested in a dialogue about it. :-)

        I agree totally. Orson Scott Card has a lot of controversial views and is generally disliked for them but it doesn't mean we should stop playing The Dig or Secret of Monkey Island because he contributed to them.

        While I'm not answering your question/s (they're certainly something to think about), I feel like the two would be more equal if Norris was "allegedly" a "racist, homophobic, gun obsessed, religious twat".
        But unlike Jackson, where we may never know the truth (didn't at least some of the kids say "my parents wanted money but Jackson never touched me"?), we DO know Norris is all of the above, because he's said things to confirm all those things himself.

        Certainly, there's no denying that Norris was - and perhaps still is - very, very good at martial arts. However, you'd expect after some socially controversial information to come out, maybe you'd reconsider using his likeness in the future?

        They are very different situations. What if Jackson was still alive and was a card carrying member of NAMBLA and well known as a major financial backer, would you have a problem with people paying him large amounts of money for his music and likeness knowing where a lot of that money would go?

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