Video Game Lets You Drive From Miami To LA In 40 Minutes, Seamlessly

We’ve seen games that let you run from one end of a huge, real city to another. But Ubisoft’s The Crew promises an altogether more impressive spectacle: one smooth drive from Miami Beach to the beaches of Los Angeles. Take a look.

The footage above was captured and uploaded by YouTube user Birds AT (and spotted by us via Polygon). “The car I drove was very low level and had only a few upgrades,” they wrote on YouTube, “So it had much power but handled very poor. So forgive me the spins.”

This is a pretty cool way to test Ubisoft’s promise that their open-world racing game has a massive, open America for players to drive through. You’ll see landmarks along the way. At 9:27, for example, that’s New Orleans’ Superdome. The Crew is in beta now and set for release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on November 11. The game apparently includes an official coast-to-coast driving mission.


    • And then it will get cracked and the pirates, once again, will have it better than retail. Most obtuse decisions in history being made right here in the gaming industry. I could never support always online, no matter how good the game looked.

      • You know, many people who buy ubi games retail on PC have started cracking the games for the added stability, not just pirates. What a joke lol.

    • Its good when they use uplay because it gives me an excuse to boycott them but pirate it anyway. So I’m actually saving money when they do a uplay release of a good game.

      • Taken from Wikipedia:

        The Crew is an open and persistent world for racing across the United States. It takes 90 minutes to drive from coast to coast in-game. The single-player campaign is 20 hours long, and entails infiltrating criminal groups. Missions can be played alone, with friends, or with online co-op matchmaking.

        So in other words, it’s an online game just like Diablo 3 is an online game.

  • 40 minutes? Nice! It took the SR-71 67 minutes fly from the East Coast to the West (almost 3900 kms). That’s an average speed of Mach 2.8.

  • This is cool and all but seriously? driving for 40 minutes non stop seems like work, let alone an entertaining and fun experience I’d pay money for, don’t know if everyone else didn’t but i did not sit down and watch the video for the whole 40mins, i got so bored after 5 haha

    • I love that kind of distance they’re proposing in this, but it’d be nice to be able to save or something, along the way. I mean, one generally doesn’t drive cross-country in a single sitting over a distance as far as that. Like with something like Skyrim. I like that I can ride horseback and that it can take 15 minutes or so to travel between distant towns, but not every night. Sometimes I need to get shit did, and I don’t have the time to kill riding 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back. Definitely need some stop offs and pee breaks (and save points) in a ride like that.

  • This is a good idea but seems overambitious, not much variety in art assets, it kind of all looks vanilla.

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