Watch These Australians Play Doom On An ATM

ATMs are usually designed to give people money. That's normally how these things are used. Once in a while you might find one that allows you to play Doom!

This is the work of 'Aussie 50' who, as you may have already guessed from the accent, is Australian. It's essentially a repurposed ATM running Doom. It looks almost impossible to control, but it's still very, very cool.

The next step, obviously is linking the delivery of $20 bills to the playing of Doom. At one point in my life I want to say I have the 'skills to pay the bills' and have it actually mean something. This looks like it may be my only chance.

Via FatDuckTech


    ATM's are usually crappy boxes running some form of embedded windows that is usually out of date.

      Some banks in Australia are currently negotiating special extended support for their ATMs because Microsoft has decided to end support for one of those ancient Windows OSes.

      I'm always horrified to hear the Windows "error" noise come from an ATM.

        I bet there's at least one financial institution still running DOS on theirs.

      Yeah I forgot that for a bit and when I saw the XP box I nearly shat myself remembering that most of the worlds financial data runs through XP still...

        ATMs don't actually run much data through them, everything is one-way encrypted for the most part, except for your balance. and account list. All the real financial stuff is done with IBM mainframes from the 80s, like the AS/400. They're infinitely worse than Windows to maintain and protect.

          I didn't need to know that...I feared it, didn't know it....

    It's not a true platform until it's had Doom ported to it.

    They need to go set this up in public.

    "Gee, I need to quickly duck down to withdraw $20 and then, hang on, wait a second...."

    *20 Minutes later*

    "Guess it isn't an ATM then is it?"

    Walks home happy.

    disappointed it's using mouse and keyboard control. It should use some combination of the pin pad for movement and shooting with the side buttons for changing weapons.

      We already have the side button weapon select working, I shot this vid 15 mins early :P

      see my channel for the side button one.

      next is the modded pin pad

        Just need to link the card reader to auto load saved games based on a hash of the card data.

    I just can't stand that aging ATM hardware is shackling the potential for gaming on what I prefer to play on - my smart-fridge. It's past time the publishers gave up on the last-gen of ATMs and optimize their games for educated SF enthusiasts who actually know the difference between a polygon and a sprite.

    So this guy basically macguyvered an atm into a video game console, but you know where this is eventually leading to & unfortunately it is nsfw, but you know that someone hacked this type of stuff into an atm before & the owner of that atm has kept it secret for possibly decades, we may never know

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