Well, Mighty No. 9 Looks Pretty Fun

Well, Mighty No. 9 Looks Pretty Fun

The upcoming mega-man-like from Keiji Inafune has a fairly meaty new trailer. The footage was shared in Mighty No. 9's latest Kickstarter update, and it shows gameplay segments centred around boss fights, transformations and neat monitors that show the action from different angles.

The ones in the gif up top, on the right. For some reason those really stood out for me. Anyway, here's the footage:

Latest Backer Update [Kickstarter]


    That's a neat looking boss fight, much more entertaining than most mm fights.

    So glad they opened up another round of donations to the project. So looking forward to this game

    I honestly think that Nintendo should fund the rest of the project & publish it. Looks really boss & nails so many classic platforming aspects without getting bogged down too much in nostalgia.

      The issue with that is that people who've previously backed have done so on the proviso that they'd be getting copies on one of 10 platforms (already including Wii U). Forgetting the fact that the Wii U will already be getting the game, I can't see Nintendo throwing money into this when they'd have to allow the game to be published on platforms other than their own, and the project already has the money required to complete it (the second crowdfunding effort is basically being used like a preorder system, but with the money being able to be put into additional bonus content for the game, rather than receiving it after launch).

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