What Are You Playing This Month?

What Are You Playing This Month?

Sometimes it feels like the idea of a video game "dry spell" is a thing of the past. Other times, there really aren't that many new games and it's time to dig into the backlog. Here at the start of July, it feels a little more like one of those latter times.

Then again, the game I'm playing the most right now is technically new. That would be Divinity: Original Sin, which I played a fair bit of when it was still in Early Access but now I'm playing the full game, and so far it seems pretty interesting.

I'm also playing Fallout 2 a lot, because apparently I really wanted to play some old-school CRPGs. Other than that, well, I just built a totally new PC, so I'm still going through the backlog and enjoying watching games from 2013 and 2012 run at 60fps on ultra. Running old games on a new system may be one of PC gaming's richest pleasures.

How about all of you? I've been enjoying keeping up with what you're playing each month, and I hope you're checking out some cool stuff in July.


    I've been relaxing a bit playing Ultimate Shooter and Valiant Hearts on PS4. Also counting down the time to play Destiny again!

      Yup. Counting down for Destiny too. I also picked up LBPvita and having a blast!

    A mix of Wildstar, ACG11 and IBA111 :oP
    More of the last 2 than the 1st unfortunately

    Halo: Reach.

    Warmachine with lots of painting.

    Maybe start Child of Light. Or start on my backlog.

    Assassins Creed IV Jackdaw edition. Just so much fun being a pirate and I keep getting the sea shanties stuck in my head.

    Was trying to play mass effect after picking up one and two from steam sale for like 9 bucks but the 2 times I've played it's crashed on me 3 times

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    Catching up on 3 years of console gaming. Playing Skyrim at the moment.... might take a while.

    Currently playing The Witcher 2, after just completing the Witcher 1. Both my second playthroughs in anticipation for The Witcher 3. Dragon Age replays coming up next on my list, although I might get too distracted by Divinity: Original Sin. Going to boot that up tonight and take a look!

    Still smashing Breaking Point for Arma 3, as well as Heroes of the Storm. Done pretty much everything I wanted to do in WoW until WoD, so taking a break till December - hopefully with Guild Wars 2.

      You have Heroes of the Storm Alpha access???

        Yeah, they seem to have sent a bunch of invites out in the last day or two - a heap of TAYbies have it atm. Maybe you might get one soon?

          Yeah I just found the article from yesterday about the AUS servers and invites.... guess it's the waiting game for me.

    P4G NG+ ~140 hours in and still loving it. 100% compendium already. Who knew that fusing personas could be so much fun?

    inFamous 2 and Trine 2 are on rotation on PS3 and PS4 respectively, and Monster Monpiece is sitting barely touched and waiting for my P4G binge to end...

    Shovel Knight, Wind Waker HD and Valiant Hearts

    I've just realised my ancient pc laptop can actually crank out some Skyrim so I'm having a bash at it with some mods for the first time ever on a PC, which I hope will revitalise the fun part of the game for me (since the last time I played it was when I was unemployed and suffering from pretty awful depression and anxiety & picking the game up again on console just seemed to remind me of that).

    It's only been five hours of play, but so far so good!

      I played skyrim on ps3 it was pretty awesome game but with bad glitches and very long long load times ruined a fair bit for me but when I picked up skyrim in a steam sale the base game it self felt like a new game but damn after putting on some must have mods to improve the ui, ingredients collection, potion crafting and some basic graphics improvements it was skyrim 3.0

        Yeah, I'm loving what I've played so far - my character doesn't look like a hot mess thanks to mods and not having to start in Helgin is great. Also Interesting NPCs has been ace, I've accidentally insulted practically everyone I've met.

    Mario Kart 8, DayZ and recently picked up FF XIV on Steam. I was hoping Wildstar would satisfy my MMO thirst but I just found it so boring even though it does everything right. If I'm going to play that style of MMO it's gonna be WoW :/

    Remembered I'd bought Wolf Among Us on sale a while ago but never actually played it. Booted it up three nights ago, hitting the fourth chapter tonight. Not sure what I'm going to between tomorrow and the release of episode 5.

    Currently losing sleep over Europa Universalis IV. I picked it up ages ago in a Humble Bundle, but never got round to playing it until last weekend - the Steam sale reminded me of it, and I had it installed and ready for whatever reason. On Thursday, my internet went down, so on Friday I downloaded his newest playthrough while at work to watch at home. Did a short stint as England to get the gist of the mechanics, then fired up a fresh game as Brandenburg (so I could use his playthrough to give me an idea of goals). Sunk 22 hours into it over the weekend... another five on Monday night. As of 1568, my Prussia rules the Holy Roman Empire, and I need sleep.

    Dark Souls, I had a bit of a breakthrough with this game a while ago (I'd hit a brick wall at Blighttown and given up). I'm now wandering through the Tomb of the Giants and it's consuming my humanity bit by bit ;-)

    Might pick up Dark Souls 2 when I finally finish or I might go for the platinum trophy.

      I honestly think 2 is a much better game, especially for beginners to the series.

    Tomb Raider on PS4, never played it before now, don't know why i skipped out on it because it is rad as fuck.

    Black Flag. Might jump back in and finish Witcher 2, but really I'm just counting down days to Dragon Age Inquisition and wishing I had a PS4 for the re-release of Last Of Us *sniff*

    Morrowind! :D Cliff racers are becoming an endangered species. :P

    Ive been playing a lot from the steam summer sale, like fallout 3 and the Stanley parable. Also just got Forza 5 and Tomb Raider for the Xbox One so playing those too.

    Shovel Knight, Thief, VVVVVV and thinking about another Cave Story+ run. It's funny, I have a beast of a rig with a 780ti yet I spend more of my free time playing indie games then AAA resource hogs. Go figure

    Trying to platinum my first game ever - FFX. Losing my motivation on the lightning dodge game though.

    Guild Wars 2, plus a bunch of Tales of games on my PS3

    Ride to Hell: Retribution
    Aliens Colonial Marines
    Resident Evil 4
    Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
    Animal Crossing

    ... I may have a problem

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