What Are You Playing This Weekend?

You won't believe what I'm planning to play this weekend. World of Warcraft. Yep.

See I've had this idea for a long time. I've never played an MMO before. Never. I also know next to nothing about Warcraft lore or the Warcraft universe. So for the month of July I've decided that the only game I'm going to play is World of Warcraft. Then I'm going to write a month long series about it called 'Idiot In Azeroth'. The first post will start this coming Monday. I'm looking forward to the whole experiment! Hopefully you can all join in and help/ridicule me.

Why has it taken me so long to even try an MMO or check out Blizzard games? Well, before I came to Kotaku I spent years and years working on and editing console specific magazines — Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Nintendo Magazine, Australian 360 — I spent most of my gaming time keeping up to date on those releases. Now I'm looking to fill in that massive knowledge gap, and hopefully entertain some people along the way.

Stay tuned for Monday!

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Goodbye, farewell and amen, RIP Mark, we barely knew thee.

    I will be playing some more DOTA2 (how hypocritical of me) and some rounds of Talisman Digital.

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    Halo: Reach.

    Maybe Child of Light.


    Get through some more Wolfenstein, that or I might try to finish off the optional bosses in Dark Souls 2, just so I know I completed it properly.

      Dark Souls 2 isn't complete until you acquire both invisible rings.

        Haha that's crazy - I read about those. Talk about rewarding dedication.

        For the uninformed - you have to beat the game without resting at a bonfire for one ring, and without dying for the other. They make your weapons invisible, which is very powerful in PVP.

    Look after the sick wife and kid simulator 2014.

    You choose where the story goes via the dialogue wheel! Be warned, if you pick the wrong choices, there could be death or divorce on the cards.

    Now with 60fps, 1080p vomit physics, just in case you wanted that.

    So, in short, I'll be bashing out on my iPhone in the small sections of the day that I might get to stop running around and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee (i.e. in the 5 minutes just after I get up)

    Picked up the new Devil May Cry game a while ago and just started playing it this week. Good damn, not usually into this type of game but this is a hell of a lot of fun.

    Also getting my Star Citizen Dogfighting Multiplayer on.

    I started Rogue Legacy last night. I'm awful at it. So much so that I'm embarassed by the depth of my family tree and want to start over playing smarter even though I will lose all my upgrades in the process and probably just wind up where I started. We'll see what happens.

    I also plan to get a start on Dragon Age: Origins with all the DLC which was gifted to me during the Steam sales. My wife is going to out dinner with a friend this evening and going to a concert on Saturday night which gives me two evenings of zero distractions which I feel I should take advantage of to hurl myself headlong into a game with many, many hours of story instead of falling asleep in the couch while paralyzed with indecision.

      Oh I LOVE Rogue Legacy. Dude, don't restart, the number of generations has no impact on anything. And you will get better with time and upgrades, it takes a while. I spent so much time with it, and I'm considering revisiting to 100% achievements.

        Thanks for the encouragement. I guess it's inevitable that you'll have a huge pile of deaths and I guess the list of dead heroes is just for legacy purposes so I'll try not to fret over it!

    @markserrels If you need/want a hand on WoW let me know! Long time WoW player and I'll come keep pesky high levels from ganking you.

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      Try @markserrels =P And What the comment below has mentioned in regards to Add-ons, cursewow has some good basic recommendations. Make sure to try out classes till about level 10-12 for a feel of what you might like as well. And definitely figure out the auction house as early as you can (dual gathering professions are a good starting point for newcomers to make enough money for flight). Finally don't be afraid to leave a zone early especially Level 70+ you can come back at 90 and complete left over quests for double the cash reward.

      Edit: Hope you decided to be one of the cool kids and joined the Horde =P

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        I dun goofed, thank you Ser and Master of all things puppet related.

    Mark, you really should look at getting Addons for WoW... I highly recommend at least Bagnon and Auctionator... I'm sure many others will have many more suggestions, but these are some of the must haves particularly in the lower levels while you're still learning (Auctionator will help you maximise profits on the auction house... you'll need that precious precious gold!)

      Does crapaway still work? That addon is one of my favourites.

    State Of Decay. Not a bad game, especially for $5, praise Gaben.

    Tomb Raider definitive edition on PS4, I wish it was Shovel Knight, but it looks like an Australian release for that is a long way off.

      You can still buy Shovel Knight on PC/Steam. That's what I'm doing this weekend (with the PC hooked up to the TV)!

    *stands up*

    Hi my names Jim and I was an addict.. 5 years clean.

    Wow is so addictive..

      I remember the days when I would ask a mate to clock me on at work so I could finish off a raid. I was usually 30min to 1 hr late on a regular basis. Most weekends we would lan it up , get on the gear and have some crazy long gaming sessions. Heh... Wow ain't addictive :P

        Started day 1, well over 500 days /played. A couple of quit attempts and relapses, but I've been clean for almost a year now.

        My eldest just flew into town for a week or so, so this weekend we want to crank some co-op Space Hulk, Tropico 5, and will probably revisit some old favourites like SupCom2.
        Ohh, I'm sure the kids will be thrashing Mario Kart 8 while I'm on the lawnmower too...

    Other than the usual Wife and kid Lark

    Finish Story in Watchdogs
    Max curse of brotherhood

    Hoping to finish off Bravely Default this weekend and maybe pull the next thing off the pile of shame, though I don't know what that will be yet.

    Black Flag... wishing it was Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Will be Dragons Dogma’ing. Definitely getting into it now. I’m now at that level where I can explore and it not be complete suicide. I’ve swapped vocations about 4 times now, really enjoying trying different playstyles but it still benefitting my character. I don’t think I’ve made much progress on the main quest so I guess I’ll give that more of a focus.

    Also, Mark I really look forward to your articles on WoW. I never played it but I’ve always had a mild curiosity that you just might itch.

    Is there like an "avid reader waiting for quality articles" version of the WoW widow? because I think we will all be that in about a week.

    Sounds like the gaming equivalent of "Super Size Me"

    2 weeks in and your doctor will be telling you to call it off, play a balanced diet of action, RTS and mobile puzzlers ha ha ha. You're risking your life man

    Hopefully I can get my hands on the new Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors at Oz Comic Con tomorrow.

    Kingdom Rush Expansion comes out july 4-5 so yea :3

    Might try and finish Tomb Raider on PC. I'm enjoying the game apart from the quicktime events.

    I've never played WoW either. I played the shit out of Warcraft 3 but decided it would be best if I stayed away from WoW because it sounded like something I would play too much.

    Played WoW probably 5 years ago, hit level 39 and quit - did not find it hard to quit, because the grinding was painfully slow. Apparently levelling is much faster and less painful now. I did, however, really enjoy the teamwork in instances/dungeons. That was eye opening for me, and it's where I really saw the appeal of MMORPGs. I just don't have the time to invest in them these days.

    @markserrels Horde or Alliance?

    Shout out if you need any tips or a leveling buddy. I'm sure I can pull myself away from endless wiping on heroic garrosh ;(

    Other than WoW, will probably play a bit of Wildstar and finish off Tomb Raider.

      I was going to ask which server, but on second thoughts, but getting outside assistance might sully the experience.

      So do we have any bets how long it will take before he Blocks Guild Invites?

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