What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend? I'll be playing World of Warcraft. Because that's what I'm doing at the moment! What are you playing this weekend?

Quick update on the Idiot in Azeroth series: I haven't played this week yet. I've been stupidly busy with family stuff, moving house stuff. I have some real situations where my real life is intruding on my virtual one and it completely sucks. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get some proper hours in and get a handle on what the hell I'm doing with this game!

I'll be playing tonight, and this time I think I'll drag some friends along so I can get a handle on things more quickly.

What are you gaming plans for this weekend?


    Magic the Gathering and Board Games!

    Also, maybe:

    1. Transistor
    2. Max Payne 3
    3. Maybe some of my Forrest Gump Run of Fallout: NV

      Why is everyone playing Max Payne 3 all of a sudden? It's all over twitch

        I'm playing it because I've had a shrinkwrapped copy sitting on my shelves for months, finally decided to crack it on tuesday.

        It's frigging awesome.... and Brazil world cup?

          Hmmm Max Payne 3 haven't played that in a while... Also I'll be making my third attempt on this Hydra in Dark Souls

    Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, Shovel Knight and maybe some Dust: An Elysium Tale.

      Dude, you are having a fantastic weekend with them choices!

    RAGE, which has surprisingly little shooting for a shooter; Gonna get back to Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze; and no doubt plenty of Mario Kart 8 with my son. Probably spend an inordinate amount of time going for the last trophy in Spelunky (vita) too - get $500K in one play through.

      Your last trophy in Spelunky? Man you must be pro

        There's less of them on the Vita version. Once you beat 5-4 there's really only "do it quickly" and "get lots of money" left.

    Ah, Divinity? Maaaaaaaaybe.

    I've been slack on the gaming front. Wolf Among Us too.

      Oh, it seems that the last Wolf Among Us has just been released? I guess I'll try to find some time for the last two episodes of that, then.

        Just finished Episode 4 last night, wanted to play Ep 5 too, but it was 1:30am, so I'll be finishing it tonight.

        DOOOOOO EEEEEET! Gonna be posting my thoughts in TAY when I finish Ep. 5 tonight, finish it off, so we can discuss, also @dc.

    Divinity Original Sin, Fallout 3 and maybe chip away at a complete run through of the Far Cry series (except for that silly Wii version).

    New Vegas. Torn between joining the NCR or Legion. I'm focused on one game now. Hopefully it stays like that until I finish it. Might sneak some Team Fortress 2 in there as well if I need a break though.

    D&D on Sunday

    After not playing ps3 for a long time, i logged on to psn to find a whole buttload of games on sale that I wanna play. Spoilt for choice

    More Diablo 3.....and I really must get back to WatchDogs.

      I need to grind up some cash this weekend to offset the ridiculous amount I have just spent on new Diablo characters....just so I can spend more crazy amounts on gems.

      This horrid cycle will never end!!

    Most likely some Rogue Legacy, Mortal Kombat, and probably some Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends!

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    Farcry 3 again. Just felt like open world mayhem with guns. Working up to my Panzer 4 H in WoT. Gotten back into Tales of Xillia again, and closing in on the end game. Just rounding out my sub events before I head deeper into the storyline

    In a bit of a retro mood lately. Played through Sonic 3 & Knuckles (as Tails!) and collected all the emeralds. Now I'm thinking I'll play through Yoshi's Island on my 3DS (The GBA version from the ambassador thing) because I've never really played that game.

    I'll mainly be climbing the seasons tables in Fifa 14 and trying to collect those illusive orbs in Guacamelee:STCE.

    I'll probably be finishing up with FFX-2 HD as well as playing some Project X-Zone and Demon Gaze. There may also be some MK8.

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    One or more of:

    Talisman: digital edition
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    Next Car Game
    Valiant Hearts
    Angry Birds (with the kid)

      Valiant Hearts is my game of the year so far. Play that! :D (No pressure. :P)

    Well I finally finished my project (go check it out) so I have some time to play the looking for a new house game. It's the game where you always lose and when you win you feel like your got screwed over somehow.

    Do some painting for Warmachine and maybe put some more time into the beta. Maybe I'll go and buy Shovel Knight.

    Other then that, some Halo: Reach and maybe start a new game.

      Where can we find your project?

        Here you go.

          I'm not going to be talking about the multiplayer, because fuck you lol. I'll check it out on the weekend, it looks awesome

    Busy with family and don't have time for WoW? Sounds like me when I tried to get into it. It really is a game that you either sacrifice all of your free time to play or you try and squeeze in as much play time as you can and even then it feels like you're wasting money by not playing enough.

    I think I might jump on Path of Exile and give a new toon a whirl in the one-month league. Gotta build that hype for the new expansion next month.

      Well while you're just levelling you can go at it casually in short bursts; its once you start raiding where you've got to find 2-3 hour chunks of time to put aside per try =\

    Hearthstone. That's all I've played consistently since the start of the year. Why aren't I bored yet?!

      Those 'Win "x" games with "y" class' always get me. Just one more game.

    @markserrels, maybe you could team up with @pupp3tmast3r, he's looking for questing buddies.

    As for myself, I'll be playing through the final episode of The Wolf Among Us, after that I might go back to Dead Rising 3, haven't played since before they released that 13GB update, so I might start it updating before I go to bed tonight, so it's ready tomorrow night. Also, maybe a bit of Guacamelee: Ultramegafantastic Edition (whatever it's called) on Xbone.

    Oh, and I have to finish Valiant Hearts too.

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    Oh @markserrels you still haven't learned that WoW is more important than all those things? F'ing casuals... How will you get your Gear Score up enough with all that other stuff going on...


      Just spend an hour on the Timeless Isle? Would be the same as spending weeks clearing all the raids except for SoO? =P

    Finishing(?) Persona 4 Golden.
    Maybe some Valiant Hearts.
    Maybe some Hearthstone.
    Maybe some Wildstar.

      Oh yeah! Just finished P4G myself, at around 180 hours and 2 playthroughs (110 hours first playthrough and 70 hours second). What a game! I had to go and order myself a Rise figure after that... http://tinyurl.com/lfljeae

      Now I've moved on to Monster Monpiece (JP import but watching an ENG let's play for the story) as well as finishing Trine 2 on the PS4 and inFamous 2 on PS3.

    Divinity: Original Sin, put in a few solid hours already this week, looking forward to a few more

    Probably finish off The Wolf Among Us, more Hearthstone and either sink time into Child of Light or more Witcher 2!

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