What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What am I playing this weekend? World of Warcraft of course! What else?

I'll tell you what I really want to be playing though: the Destiny beta. In fact, if I get enough time in with WoW, for sure I'm going to get stuck into the beta.

I just loved the alpha so much. After spending a fair amount of time getting a little worried about how this game would turn out, it was almost a relief to find that it went above and beyond my expectations. Hopefully the beta will match that and push beyond. What I've seen of this game so far is pretty special. Can't wait to explore and see more.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    DESTINY BETA! Also probably finally playing Dishonored (I know.)

    Warmachine, including painting.

    Halo: Reach and maybe my backlog of games.

    I also gave in and bought a 2DS.

    Hoping to get my joystick back. Then crack out the Rift and give the Elite: Dangerous beta single player missions another go.

    EVO has inspired me to actually get good at fighting games, so I'll be practicing in one of: SSFIV:AE, BlazBlue Chronophantasma, KOF XIII or Chaos Code. I'll probably also spend some time with the Destiny Beta and maybe play a little Project X-Zone in the down-times.

      Strongly suggest sticking with SSFIV - slightly slower paced and easier to get into, however arguably the deepest and most technical of the fighting games. Also, the online community isn't going anywhere anytime soon so it's easy to find matches (once you feel confident enough to try it out). Also netcode is quite good - still quite a few Aussie players out there. I've been meaning to get back into this myself! Maybe I'll see you online this weekend with my main Abel.

    Continuing with Dead Rising 3, Might pick up Magic 2015 on 360, probably some Peggle 2, and learning how to play the Pokemon card game after my son buys a starter set with his pocket money (he was banging on about it all night last night), then teaching him how to play.

    Also, gonna finish Under The Dome Season 1, and then start on True Detective Season 1, and re-watch Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes before I go to watch the new one (can't believe I haven't got around to it yet), I'm a bad monkey.

      im holding off with magic till it comes to the XB1. I dont dare let my kids buy any CCG, after the addiction I had :| lol

    Probably going to stream some Fallout: New Vegas.

      what is your channel mate, twitch I presume?

        Yeah I stream on twitch here http://www.twitch.tv/hell_rok

        I'm trying to stream more frequently as I find it really fun and a good excuse to sit down and play some games.

    Not a lot this weekend... I'll likely be working my way through some Minecraft modding videos - not sure if I'll ever do anything with it, but I like learning how things like this work.

    I would love to be playing the Destiny beta... but no way in hell I'm downloading 14.5GB on my mobile. *grumble grumble no internet grumble grumble*

    Destiny; if people are looking to group up I will probably be on lots under the username Vaegrand.

    More Max Payne 3, More Transistor, More Fallout:NV, more Witcher 2.

    Some combination of the above depending on how the mood takes me.

    Was going to play the Archeage beta this weekend but after being in game for about 30 minutes it seems, crap. Very disappointed.

      I'm playing Archeage and I had a similar reaction to you in the first hour. After playing it a little bit now its growing on me more and more. It reminds me of Everquest but expanded. It doesn't handle hold you through everything and leaves a lot to learn yourself and expand your play. I'm going to keep playing to see how far it goes. I'm not saying its a fabulous game or bad game, but I think you should give a little more than 30 mins to any game before you get disappointed.

        Will give it more of a go later but am also dealing with a massive bout of the man flu atm so that may have something to do with it.

        Nope game is definitely not for me. Want to like it but just has that really bad Lineage 2 korean feel about it. 2004 game dressed up in 2010 graphics.

    I think I might make a concerted effort to get The Wonderful 101 finished this weekend so I can start on either Tropical Freeze or AC4. Otherwise it'll probably trying to rank past 16 in Hearthstone, and possibly finishing New Vegas.

      You want to rank easily in Hearthstone? Warlock Zoo got me to 8 in a couple of days - it is seriously too easy with that deck. But don't focus on face damage, focus on board control with Doomguard for semi-finisher.

      Then again if you wanna make it with your own deck (much more rewarding) Druid is considered the most flexible with the least bad matchups.

        Yeah, I've almost got Zoo finished. Just need the defenders and 1 more knife juggler, but am loathe to DE the Tirion I have. Currently laddering with Reynad's f2p warrior with a gorehowl instead of a dwarf.

          Do - not - DE - Tirion! One of the best Legendaries in the game and mighty fun to use as Pally.

          Shouldn't take you too long to craft the Defenders of Argus (I'm assuming that's the one?) and another Knife Juggler, but don't be afraid to replace with similar, at least stats wise, cards.

            I've got 2 sunfury protectors and an imp master in there at the moment. Thinking about buying some packs this weekend to open up my choices. Might just wait until I can't bust past a rank due to meta though. The f2p warrior does pretty good against most decks.

    Destiny, WoW, Hearthstone, Witcher 2!

      Are you on Android or an idevice for Hearthstone? I'm considering getting into it.

        Not on smart phones just yet, just on tblets and PC. Android and iPhone will be receiving it toward the end of the year.

          Yeah thanks, I did a bit of research and found that out.

        You're going to love Hearthstone monkey! So easy to get into but so hard to master!

        Just yesterday I had a match where the guy basically had me on the ropes, down to 1 hp and I draw the perfect card and kill him. For those knowledgeable in the ways I had an Arcanite Reaper equipped and drew a Heroic strike and the guy had 9hp left.

        Edit: Worth noting I encountered stiff competition in the NA servers but completely rolled over opponents in the SEA servers!

        Last edited 18/07/14 12:22 pm

          Might give it a go over the weekend, I assume you have to make a Blizzard account. Also, I'm hoping that my laptop can handle it, because it couldn't cope with Magic 2014.

    Dragons Teeth for Battlefield 4, xbone so Destiny next week :(

      I was hoping to be on titanfall but everyone is playing BF....and woohoo a mate got me a beta code for Destiny

        Yea got bit sick of Titanfall, back into BF after the latest updates and loving it, still frustrating as F! but runs so much better than it was, and I bought premium at launch so might aswell get me $200's worth!

          Im still like marked for death and Gen'ing up is keeping it interesting at the moment with the gen challenges, i never got premium so missing out on the new maps.
          We play titanfall every monday night, but its going back to BF by looks of things.

            I haven't played any of the new modes, I got the new maps but after about 10min of waiting in lobby I gave up, tried playing again the other day after BF and it was so fast I played terribly, one shooter at I time methinks. I'm still Gen 3 I think it is trying to get the satchel charge kills is dragging.

              Im Gen 3 too :) its getting the rail gun titan kills that's getting to me, I keep getting assists lol gotta time my shots better I think.

                That one wasn't so bad once I got the semi auto fire, pretty deadly when you the hit red zones, but I hear ya, the charge shots were a nightmare.

                  Yeah the auto fire helps alot, much better than the extra ammo mod. shame the auto fire reduces the damage so much, its my least liked titan weapon to be honest.

    If I have access to consoles I want to wrap-up my second playthrough of Tomb Raider via the Definitive Edition on Xbone, then maybe try and get another Assassin's Creed under my belt before I start on AC4.

    If on the other hand my wife is using the TV I will probably repeatedly play short sessions of Binding of Isaac and Sunless Sea.

    The waiting game... Till Destiny Beta on the 23rd.

    Destiny Beta if my TV hasn't finally died, if it has, finding a way to play Destiny beta. PSN is Piat420

    It looks like I'll be doing the last of the five star missions in Monster Hunter. Although recently I've been getting a bit of a creative itch, so I might actually make a game this weekend.

    No one's going to play Diablo 3 Reaper of souls!!!

    D3 did leave a sour taste in my mouth but its soooooo amazingly good now!!!!

    Bit over Black Flag, so I'll probably just keep writing, reading and watching Agents of SHIELD.

      Agents of SHIELD is awesome! Where are you up to?

        It certainly is :-D Bill Paxton just arrived on their way to fix Skye. Pissed that I missed Winter Soldier. Will have to stop in a few eps to wait for the BLU Ray release...

    I found an old copy of Rune Factory 3 (because we aren't getting RF4 thank you very much Marvelous AQL) and am playing it to death.

    Might be the only person not in the Destiny Beta but I don't like that any hard work I put in that game will be reset when it is finally released properly.

    DESTINY BETA BOYEE-- wait. I think I'm forgetting something.

    Oh. That's right. I forgot to buy a PS4.


      It's ok, your internet connection probably couldnt handle the download anyways =P

      Yes I know I'm cruel for rubbing your new connection in your face =P

        It went down from 4Mbps to 2Mbps last night and lost sync a few times. :(

        I've logged it as a line fault. 200 KB/s at peak (it seems to average at 78) is intolerable. Fucking GMAIL TIMES OUT. That shit ain't right, I'd be better off using wireless broadband. :P

      eBay is your friend, you can pick up a second hand one for around $400

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