When A Game Is This Pretty, Who Needs Golf?

When A Game Is This Pretty, Who Needs Golf?

On Green, a new online golf game was revealed today during a Korean media event. It's running on CryEngine 3 so, besides the pretty environment, golf ball physics will probably be top notch as well.

Neowiz Games released two trailers for the game, one with characters (they remind me of Dead or Alive for some reason) and one with just the environment. The closed beta begins July 31 on PC.

Here's the gameplay:

And a trailer showcasing the environment:

[On Green] 미디어 쇼케이스 오프닝 영상 and [On Green] 게임플레이 영상[YouTube — Thanks Sang!]





    I need this in my life like I need Peanut Butter Chocolate Tim Tams.

    Looks like the right amount of simulator and arcade. I have high hopes for The Golf Club but I will keep an eye on this too.

      TGC looks so nice. I'm tempted to get the early access, but I haven't had the best experience with early access before.

        Me either. After purchasing planetary annihilation early and have it absolutely crap itself all the time, I'm happy to wait until full release

        I got TGC EA and its is quite nice. I havent had the chance to play it in a while so I dont know how the controls have changed but back when i did it was not advisable to use KB+M, playing rounds is fine and the multiplayer is pretty smooth (but only simultaneous play) It was really only the course creator that needed a lot of work.

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