When Dark Souls Meets My Neighbour Totoro

Or perhaps you could call it My Neighbour Smoughtoro?

I love everything about this picture. It inspires cute and terror in equal measure. It's Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls recreating a 'My Neighbour Totoro' pose. Several warm fuzzy feelings are being created and then firmly beaten back by the sheer terror of one of the most completely brutal boss fights I've ever had the pleasure/horror of encountering.

I don't know what to do with all these conflicted feelings.

It was created by Reddit user ChimpMagnet using Source Filmmaker and Photoshop. It's glorious.


    Isn't this really Dark Souls 1 though?

    I thought you were obsessed with Dark Souls, Mark?

      No no, you're missing the correct phrasing.

      *Checks notes*

      "Mark, do you really know so little about video games that this is considered noteworthy?"


      (He gets it right in the article, so I'll assume that the fact that his blood is now mostly composed of plasma rather than Pepsi Max means that he needs a nap before writing headlines)

    I do not want this :'(

    *shuts eyes to remember Totoro*

    Poor catbus when it turns up...

      Surprise its now a Sif bus

        It's pretty decent most of the day, but it does start to struggle and limp from stop to stop towards the end

    My brain can't decide between "Naaaaaaw" and "Please god not the face!".

    I like it.

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