When Video Games Are Illegal, The Cops Are...Idiots

When Video Games Are Illegal, The Cops Are...Idiots

Well, this is nice. Vid Agents is a video game series that, instead of doing the usual thing of blending cosplay with fanfic, is actually entirely original. It's called VID AGENTS, and is about the cops tasked with policing a ban on video games.

It is, in case you can't tell from the gif, not exactly a serious exploration of a dystopian future.

They have got a Kickstarter page you can help out with right here.


    Fun fact: During 2002, the Greek government banned all electronic games across the country, making them illegal with the notorious "Law Number 3037" . That was the year when they eradicate all the arcade community... and the reasoning of the parliament was that people were gambling too much on casinos, which was caused by electronic entertainment ....
    The "offenders" (people playing arcade machine's in public) faced fines of 5,000 to 75,000 euros (about $4,980 to $74,650) and imprisonment of one to 12 months .
    During that time we were preparing a national Street Fighter tournament, was such a let down. :(

      Ha! And I thought Greece was the cradle of Western democracy :p

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        Babies have tantrums from time to time. :P

      yet my cousins video game shop didnt bat an eye in Crete. and frankly neither did the police! :)

        It mostly hurt the arcades and the net-cafes (to an extend). Though, for obvious reasons, the law could not be implement in all the aspects of the community.
        Recently they reverted this law, saying you have to pay something extra in order to facilitate Arcades and Slot Machines (for the governors there is no difference between those two machines...).
        In Crete no one was touching the gamers, even the Police. They would eradicate any threatful intervention of their hobby :)

    100% pure uncut Japanese Pacman. You are going away for a long time.

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