Which Mario Kart 8 Track Is The Best?

With each new Mario Kart game, it's the same deal: Some tracks are good. Some tracks aren't that exciting. And some tracks are amazing.

Mario Kart 8 is no different. Some of us on staff at Kotaku have been talking/arguing about which track is the best and why, and we thought we'd see what you all thought.

First, a poll. This poll includes both new and classic tracks, since we figure if the Wii U tracks can't hold their own against a reused track from an older game, then the older track should get the vote. Here goes:

Explain your vote in the discussion below, and maybe let us know what makes a "best" Mario Kart track for you. I'm looking forward to seeing who chooses what.


    I have a soft spot for Electrodrome, just because of the dancing on the screens. XD

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      For me it's the head-banging pixel piranhas.

        A rich tapestry of goodness. I also love the lines beneath the karts as you're driving. So much attention to detail there.

    What?! Mount Wario looks cool and all, but it's the bane of my existence when it comes to competitive

      Mount Wario makes me want to play SSX every damn time. XD

      I like Mario Kart Stadium. It's not the most exciting track but it's sort of up front about itself and not super demanding. That 'I own the game so I know the track inside and out' advantage doesn't go so far on it which makes it a good first track for the game and a great track for casual local multiplayer.

      [Edit: Doh, that wasn't meant to be a reply. Although yes, Mount Wario hurts me. =P]

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    Of the new tracks, I like Electrodome the most. It's just such a cool track, and lots of fun to race on.
    Of the old tracks, I like MooMoo Meadows, just cause I'm pretty good on that track, and like how the cows amble across the course :3

    I despise Dolphin Shoals though. I hate that damned track >:(

      Dry Dry Desert is the track I hate. I always end up on the sand. ALWAYS. :'(

        I'm not even bad at Dolphin Shoals, I just hate it for some reason, haha! I think it's all the underwater parts :3

        I've been falling off Rainbow Road (U) heaps lately :S
        Some of those corners are just too sharp for my speedy / low handling kart I have set up :'(
        Still love the design though, it just doesn't match my play style at the moment :'(

          You really gotta get to know the track so you can anticipate the corners and start drifting a little earlier.

            Haha, I know the track well enough, but I'm using a different kart setup for online racing, which means drifting isn't as I'm used to.
            I just can't seem to get it right majority of the times lately :S
            It's either very close to falling off, or I just go hurdling over the edge, haha!
            I'll get it, eventually! :D
            Part of the fun is learning and nailing a tough track / section :D

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              Yeah, that's what I'm finding. I change my loadout and I adjust within a few races, but the second I hit Rainbow Road (U) even the slightest difference results in me spending the majority of the race being escorted by a Lakitu.

      Me too. Dolphin Shores is my least favorite level.

      The AI on 150cc is notoriously brutal on Dolphin Shoals for some reason (also on Donut Plains 3). It's much better playing it online.

    Mt Wario is the level I always vote for online - a close call, however, between it and DK Jungle.
    I just love Mt Wario's structure, it's variety, and all the little short cuts and exploits you can use once you know the track and your Kart well enough. I'm not surprised it's the most popular polled course.

    One track I'm liking more and more is Sunshine Airport. It's nice and quick with a few short cuts and opportunities to level the playing field. Also Yoshi Valley and Shy Guy Falls? So beautiful!

    Cloudtop Cruise wins if this was all about prettiness alone.

      I find Sunshine Airport is nice because you can play it well but it's still pretty forgiving. Most of the mistakes can be recovered from rather easily and it's pretty short so players don't usually land in that 'there's a lap and a half to go but I've already lost' zone.

        I find it is a case of "there's a lap and a half to go, but my opponents have two laps to go."
        Maybe I exaggerate a little, but no other race has me consistently lead my opponents by such a huge margin.

    Mount Wario obviously.

    I love me some Cloudtop Cruise. I come 1st on 90% of my races on there for some reason ...it's weird!

    Mt Wario is the fucking truth.

    Cloudtop Cruise has some satisfying racing lines. Love that track.
    I'd kill to see a Mario Kart X Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed though, handled like Fighters Megamix on the Saturn. Pick your style and off you go. It'll never happen, but it really, really should.

    How is N64 Rainbow Road so high? That track was butchered.

      Oh I love that track but it is so short now. I wish it had 3 laps, the music is the best.

      Yeah, was disappointed it was modified and that it was only one actual lap just broken up into 3 (kept wondering why the course felt so short).

    As if not have a 3 Star trophy. Noob. In all seriousness though, I love all stages except Dolphin Shoals. Just really hate that one right now

    Don't have a favorite, but for some reason cannot stand the new Toad's Turnpike! It's just a really boring track. Think it's because it's so wide now, so you aren't really ever in danger of hitting the cars.

      The scale is off for drifting the corners too. Would have much preferred the ds version of that theme.

      Agreed on the width and sparsity of cars. New Rainbow Road is also much wider than it should. A walk on the park for those used to MKW's RR.

    Bowser's castle was the level that produced a Keanu Reeves 'Whoa'.
    That giant stone Bowser smashing the track is just awe inspiring.

    I like all the tracks, but I gave my vote to Bowsers Castle. It's such a nicely detailed level, and that stone bowser smashing the sides of the track is pretty cool, even if it is a bit of a pain in the ass at times ;)

    Mount Wario is slightly superior to Cloudtop Cruise but I ended voting for the latter because the amazing soundtrack.

    Also, good to see that my dislike for Bone-Dry Ruins is universal. It's just terribly impersonal and forgettable. Almost a remarkably bad design in a game where great design abounds.

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