Why Did We Never Get A Star Wars Point & Click Adventure From Lucasarts?

Indiana Jones had itself two great point & click adventures from Lucasarts, why not Star Wars? That always bothered me. I would have played the crap out of that back in the day. Hell, I'd play the crap out of it today.

The above video is listed as 'leaked' Lucasarts footage, it's totally not, but it's still awesome to watch and dream of the possibilities of what could have been once upon a time.

It's actually the work of Jacob Janerka from Perth who is currently working on his own game, Paradigm, which also looks really interesting.

But after watching the above video I'm really mourning that lost opportunity: a point & click game in the Star Wars universe. Seriously: why didn't someone just make that in the 90s? WHY?


    For something a little more interactive:


    In a few words: George Lucas said no.

    That man has ruined more hopes and dreams than Ewoks ever yubyubbed.

      To be fair, the stuff George said yes to is a lot more problematic than the stuff he said no about.

    I find it funny that I never even considered this as something I'd want - a Star Wars point and click adventure would have been ace!

    The one Star Wars game I always wanted and couldn't believe wasn't ever made was a Lightsabre Wii fighting game, sorta like the fencing game in Wii Sports Resort. In hindsight though, perhaps it was best it never existed.

      Judging by Star Wars Kinect, yes, certain things are better off not having existed. You're better off fighting family members/friends with cardboard tubes or fluro lights

    Because LucasArts was a poorly managed development studio who squandered thier best IPs, drove their best talent away and thought the Star Wars license would print money regardless of the quality of products.

      Later on. Back in the late 80s to mid 90s they were a powerhouse, mostly because the Lucasfilm Overlords didn't care what those crazy kids were cooking up on their computer boxes.

      At their peak in the early to mid 90s Lucasarts were one of the best games developers out there. Look at 1993 - Sam & Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle and X-Wing all in the same year. 1995 they had Full Throttle, Dark Forces and The Dig in the same year as well. Though to be fair, X-Wing and TIE Fighter weren't developed completely in-house.

      It wasn't until the late 90s that things went pear-shaped for them, and a lot of that is because they shifted to poorly-made Episode 1-based games. And even in the late 90s they were still releasing stuff like Grim Fandango. Also they started to outsource to other developers and transitioned into mainly publishing

        Full Throttle

        Open up, you minks!

        I thought the first game where it went pear-shaped (no offence to delicious pears) was X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, which was focused upon multiplayer over awful modem connections and had minimum single player storyline.

          XvT worked fine over TCP/IP from what I recall, especially inside a LAN. But yeah, it was a very limited product.

          The bigger issue for me was that they ditched the amazing iMUSE music from TIE Fighter for orchestrated stuff. The interactive music stuff in TIE Fighter was one of the highlights of playing the game for me, really got you immersed into it. Stunning technical achievement too.

    Corollary: Why do the Monkey Island special editions rarely go on sale on Steam?

      And why have they not followed them up with HD remakes of Loom, DotT, and Sam & Max?

      Weird I got them bundled on special a few years back but according to Steamprices, only MI2 has been on sale in the last year. Checked GOG or GMG?

    Even in the early 90s, Indy stories were established as being more varied and loose, and kinda set the stage for Expanded Universe Star Wars stories, and so lent themselves to the adventure format better, I think. Plus, it would've been hard to track that many characters - Indy games had Indy (and, if you chose to, Sophia in Fate of Atlantis), and a Star Wars story would've had to have Luke, Leia, Han, R2 and C3PO at least.

    Of course, LucasArts did technically make a Star Wars adventure game, but it was more a prototypical 3D adventure.

    All that being said, I would've loved a Star Wars point-and-click adventure, though I always thought a bigger missed opportunity for a point-and-click adventure was Doctor Who - that character and narrative structure always seemed to be a perfect fitfor the format.

    Do you let Greedo:
    A. shoot first?
    B. shoot second?

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