Why You Don't Go For Roshan At The Start Of A Dota 2 Match

Why You Don't Go For Roshan At The Start of a Dota 2 Match

Most people wait a little before pitting their team against Roshan. Not these guys though.

Even though NoobFromUA's team doesn't manage to kill Roshan at the start of the match, it's still entertaining to watch them try. They got so close too!

But yeah, a good reminder that one should probably be smarter about tackling Roshan. People have definitely killed him at the start of matches before, but my guess is that the odds are against the average person/team trying to do the same.

Best 1 lvl Roshan w SingSing Wagamama Cyborgmatt Dota 2 [NoobFromUA]


    They needed an Ursa, really. Lvl 1 rosh kills without Ursa just take too long. My friend and I often do Ursa + Wraith King lvl 1 rosh and it has always worked out for us!

      honestly if you pick ursa + WK and the other team doesn't check roshan, then you are versing some pretty clueless opponents, as soon as i see an Ursa + WK pick i tell everyone to check roshan....

        Used to do it with Ursa and Venomancer to tank with venom wards. That was back in War3 though.

        ikr! And then once the enemy chose Ursa + WK and I ran to check Roshan and they weren't even there...

        Though, even if the enemy does find us at rosh, by that point either rosh is dead or the scout has been ganked by the rest of the team.

      Used to be you wouldn't even need wraith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Z2KE_W3mE they rejigged it so its no longer possible lol

        You can solo Roshan with Ursa, but not until you get your mask.

          Yeah, I was specifically talking lvl 1, but ursa can still get it done super quick solo

    Roshan fights that turn into team fights are always insanely fun to watch and/or be a part of. Sometimes all reason is thrown out the door and the deaths keep piling up until the aegis drops, unlike what reasonably happened here at the end. :P

    also "we guchi boys, we guchi!"

      Rosh always makes the game fun!

      I remember I once saved a game that we were losing by using icarus dive (phoenix :) ) to swoop in on rosh and found 4/5 of the enemy team there on half health; I used fire spirits and ulted for a nice ultra kill :) before some guy on my team took the aegis.

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    Having Sing, Waga and Cyborgmatt all in the same game will always lead to something stupid like this.

    This is why i always love watching Sing's streams.

    " NoobFromUA‘s team doesn’t manage to kill Roshan at the start of the match, it’s still entertaining to watch them try. They got so close too!"

    Yep, team NoobfromUA! lol that did make me giggle a little.

    This is just footage from a pub game that 4 Twitch personalities and Cyborgmatt had. NoobfromUA is just the collaborator.

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