Yo, Fred Durst Is Streaming Call Of Duty On Twitch

Yo, Fred Durst Is Streaming Call Of Duty On Twitch

2014, you are a strange and wonderful year.

Streaming right now on Twitch is Fred Durst, who 15 years ago as the frontman for Limp Bizkit was one of the most famous people on the planet. Today, however, he is a man playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, struggling with HDMI outputs and generally sounding like my Dad.

My favourite part in the bits I watched was his discussion on Call of Duty clan tags. "Oh, I just put [CWA], Cracker With Attitude". While I get on with my day's work, though, Kirk continues to watch.

fred durst has 'a lot of characters' that he does, he is going to do a new one for twitch, it is a combination of characteristics, he says — Kirk Hamilton (@kirkhamilton) July 17, 2014

fred durst figured the space suit was the way to go, but he now thinks he needs a ghillie suit. 'everybody needs a ghillie suit'

— Kirk Hamilton (@kirkhamilton) July 17, 2014

fred durst is advising a guy to tune his guitar to drop D, fred durst isn't sure if muting his chat mic will also mute him in the stream

— Kirk Hamilton (@kirkhamilton) July 17, 2014

fred durst thinks there should be a theme park based on call of duty and/or gears of war, he thinks it would be sick

— Kirk Hamilton (@kirkhamilton) July 17, 2014

Watch live video from LIMPBIZKITtwitch on www.twitch.tv


    Oh god, how the mighty have fallen haha. I remember one interview where he talked about how he refused to be at meetings, merely having a tv and camera placed on the desk so he 'didn't have to be in the room with the money men'. I bet he's missing those days now...

      I dunno man, he's still a multimillionaire sitting at home playing video games.

    The first question that came to my mind when seeing the headline was 'Who is Fred Durst?

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    Fred Durst was not interesting when his terrible band WAS popular, let alone now.

      Well said

        I just looked up 'Limp Bizkit' to see who he was, and the first link was to the origin of the band name.
        Really, really wish my memory had an undo button.

      Hate to rain on your parade but Limp Bizkit is still popular they were 2nd or third top band on the bill at several big name European music festivals last year (Rock Am Ring being one that comes to mind) and 2 years ago they were a support headline act (with Slipknot) for Soundwave. As much as I don't like them now, I gotta admit Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water was a pretty fun record back in the day.

        Yep, I'm a big music fan, they certainly were popular but they've never been anything more than a D grade novelty act that appeals to a certain part of the IQ bell curve. Sort of like the Offspring.

          You're a very charming person saying that, must be fun looking down your nose at people cause you don't like a style of music they may enjoy. Also saying that, I guess you don't fancy any type of music that resembles what either of those bands play, right?

          I think Durst is a fucking twat, but you can't deny that Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavoured Water had some fun songs, and they're alright live it turned out.

            Yes, yes, everyone's taste is relative, no-one is permitted to make any value judgment about any creative work, etc etc etc

    Damn Fred, you got old
    I told my friends little bro about this and he replied "limp what? never heard of him"


    Lol, I liked "Nookie" back in high school...
    Then again, I also liked Britney Spears...

    Oh man.. i feel old.. (21)

      Really? wait until you're 30

    It's really painful when a shitty musician likes the same musicians as me. Minor Threat were an awesome band. May I recommend "In My Eyes" over listening to the butchering of "Behind Blue Eyes" (LB covered The Who).

      I feel like it's a thing for lame bands to do: wear tshirts of (good) bands that sound nothing like the band you're in, like they're trying to say that they're much deeper than numetal/metalcore and didn't want to be in this band anyway.

    Limp Bizkit were awesome when I was in high school. You were nobody if you didn't have Significant Other in your Discman. Well that or Korn - Follow The Leader. Take your pick. Both still hold a little place in my ears.

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      Or Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park or Iowa by Slipknot :P

      Chocolate Starfish was an awesome album when I was younger. I recently checked out what the band released since they got back together in 2010 or whatever, I see their lyric themes have not changed one bit lol.

        Hybrid Theory and Iowa - right on the money! hahaha.

        The kids that knew what they were doing had Rob Zombie - Hillbilly Deluxe and Mudvayne - LD50. Dragula and Superbeast are still all time.

      Follow the Leader is still an awesome album! I'm more likely to pop that disc in than Significant Other, though I loved alot of the intro riffs on SO...

      Ah, yes. I remember them days well. I had an awesome Sony Discman with the skip protection and whatever fancy name they had for Bass. :)

        Those things were strictly for the best. Why I decided to get a purple one I will never know.

          Haha, mine was the just the standard silvery colour. I think they came in yellow or blue as well. Being 15 at the time, naturally I couldn't afford it. When Mum asked if I had any ideaa of what I'd like Christmas that year, you know what asked for.
          I was surprised she actually got me that awesome one I had been looking at. Best Christmas ever. :)

    Limp Bizkit bashing is about as predictable and boring as Justin Bieber bashing.

    I loved them when I was a teen - 3 dollar bill and Significant Other mostly. I then went through a phase of hating them in my early 20s as I got into tech metal like Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan. And then I grew up, and realised that they're just a fun band - silly, non-serious fun. And now I like them again, they're good for what they are, and entirely unapologetic about it.

    Wes Borland can play a mean riff too

    I know ya'll be lovin' this shit right here.

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