You Can’t Fly GTA V Jets Like This Guy Can

You Can’t Fly GTA V Jets Like This Guy Can

Look, for the first few seconds of this video, I was as sceptical as you probably are. “Jet Elite Crew”? Haha, whatever. And this stuff with the bridges, impressive, but doable. But then you see what he does in the warehouse, or the wind farm, and it’s just ok, this is incredible.


  • Did the person editing this have schizophrenia? Jesus, its like someone just found out how to cut in a editing program.

  • The part where he enters the warehouse was the slowest but most insane out of all of these. The precision of this guy.

  • I’ve done the trees & bridges before, that’s not hard. Maneuvering through the city isn’t as easy, but I’ve found is doable. Playing Descent probably helped me there.

    That warehouse though… Stuff that, the precision there is insane!

  • to be really elite show one cut not many cuts!!! really its like those basketball guys on youtube!!! 50 attempts to show 1 10 second cut!!!

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