You Might Have Noticed A Goddamn Batmobile Driving Around Sydney

You Might Have Noticed A Goddamn Batmobile Driving Around Sydney

Apparently it’s the world’s first road registered Batmobile, and it’s currently driving around the streets of the CBD, presumably looking for criminal activity and whatnot.

It appears to be part of a Groupon deal, which offers fans the ability to take a ride in a near perfect replica of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s version of Batman. I’m guessing the thing probably looks better from the outside, but who am I to deny the visceral thrills of riding in a goddamn Batmobile.

Does it take cabcharges?

(Thanks to Marc Fennell!)


  • I dunno about just looking good from the outside, I read an article about it and the guy has been pretty meticulous about the whole thing so wouldn’t surprise me if the cab isn’t as detailed.

    I’ll ask my mate after his ride, lucky bugger got given a ride in it for his 30th.

  • not sure if it was this one, but i saw one driving around Campbelltown Saturday 2 weeks ago
    I guess this explains it

  • I saw one going round Brisbane a few months back. I think it was for some convention that was on but snapped a pic. Not sure if it’s the same one or not though

    • There is one that lives at Movie World but that is limited use on roads, they actually had it in for repairs at the workshop a few doors up at work.

  • maybe its just the pictures…. but that doesnt look like its got a legal ride height 😛

    • It is registered with the RTA as is, so he got it passed at that height. The amount of additional work that needed to be done to make it road worthy sounded insane.

  • He went to all the trouble, you think he would of got some personalised number plates.
    Looks bad ass though. Total respect!

  • I live in Campbelltown and have never seen it on the street but it was featured in Campbelltown Event cinema for a week or so a while back.
    On a side note. The tail lights are from an AU Ford Falcon. Hope the rest of the car isn’t based on it… eeew

    • ey! a local to me!
      but i agree, should of gone with some round lights off an old corvette or something

  • I’ve always felt that this was the best looking Batmobile, at least as far as the live action Batmans go. I think the Art Deco 30s styling of the Animates Series’ Batmobile beats this one out, but it’s pretty close.

    Pretty random that this thing is in Sydney. You’d think the first road legal one would be based in LA or something.

  • I’ve seen a guy in Melbourne driving around in a 1960’s TV series Batmobile, he had that registered. Surely that would count as being the first road registered Batmobile (unless this one has been around for a while).

    • The 66 batmobile tribute in Melbourne was built approx10 years ago near Newcastle based on a 1970 vg valiant convertible. Running a 6 litre chrysler…see facebook. batmobile in Melbourne

  • 1 of thee best batmobiles EVAR, thanks tim burton for 1 of thee best superhero films of all time

  • Best batmobile from the best Batman film! I’ll still take Batman over any of the Nolan films

    • Batman or Batman Returns?

      Personally I love them both, but give the edge to Returns. I just like the way the characters work off each other as two sides of the same coin (Or in this case 3 sides.. or 6 is you count their alter ego’s lol). The way Catwoman’s suit continuously unravels as her mind does. I just find visual references to characters and that other stuff really cool to watch.

      Although I don’t think its for everyone because it is a lot more stylised and less cannon. Then again, none of the movies are 100% cannon anyway.

  • How is that street legal? It’s far too low. It might be approved for a show basis only, in which case there’s only specific pre-approved routes it can travel. Dude is playing with fire if he’s just randomly driving around.

  • Why would you drive it in the CBD? Just to see if it can hit a max speed of 20km/h?

  • My wife hired the guy to bring the Batmobile to our wedding reception. ’twas most awesome, also she is awesome, it is awesome and he is awesome for making it. Also, that is apparently one of the bodies used in the actual film.

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