10 Bizarre New Glitches In The Last Of Us PS4

Ten Bizarre New Glitches In The Last of Us PS4

The Last of Us: Remastered is out on PS4, and it's pretty great. The original PS3 version, however, was famous for some downright hilarious glitches, and I'm happy to report that Remastered does its rough-around-the-polygons grandpappy proud with new ones of its own.

Alright, are you feeling loose? Are you ready to cock your head in confusion until it gets stuck sideways, an indelible scar telling people, "Yeah man, I've seen some stuff"? Well then, let's start with...

Brick-Proof Birds

Turn Down For What

The High School Locker Ghost

The Matrix Barrel

The One Thousand Foot Tall Truck Fall

Wait, What

A Lot of People Have Been Flying

And of Course, The Return of an Old Favourite

Got more weird Last of Us: Remastered glitches? Share 'em below, lest your permanent neck strain be in vain.


    Still waiting for a glitch where Ellie tells a good joke from one of those books.

      WHAT? there all GOLD!!!

        I agree, imma balance out that downvote.
        "3.14% of sailors are Pi-Rates" - considering that she grew up in a post-apocalyptic world, I'm impressed that anybody bothered to teach her what pi was!

    Only glitch I've come across is a vanishing HUD on lower difficulty settings, while the HUD is set to on, button prompts nearly completely vanished with the exception of melee prompts.

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