12 Minutes Of Battlefield Hardline’s Singleplayer

12 Minutes Of Battlefield Hardline’s Singleplayer

Today at Gamescom, EA revealed the singleplayer mode for the upcoming Battlefield game. The campaign stars Nick Mendoza, a detective from Miami, and the whole singleplayer mode is structured like a cops vs criminals TV drama, according to EA, with each level resembling a TV episode-like unit.

Here’s the 12-minute gameplay video:

EA also revealed two new multiplayer modes for Hardline: Hotwire, a mode where cops chase criminals in cars, and Rescue, where each player only gets one life per game round. Here’s what the latter looks like:


    • I always get a little skeptical with these “x minutes of gameplay” previews. They put so much varied engagements in a small space of time and every time, the launches and 70% of the game is run of the mill, and then you get this 30% which isn’t, but is the parts they previewed before the game launched.

      To me, this looks like one of those videos. Time will tell.

  • Played beta, not bandwagoning, right off the bat I felt it just played like a reskinned BF4. Guess I’ll be playing the single player campaign but I sure as hell refuse to pay full price for a BF4 mod….

    • Good to know. A mate just sold me BF4 on ps4 for 25 bucks, guess I might wait for the same deal 😉 lol

      • Hmm, I don’t know if that was still worth it…

        Then again, I probably won’t think it’s worth it if he paid you 25 bucks to take it off his hands.

        • Hahahaha. *shrug* 25 bucks for a ps4 game is ok in my books. I’ve paid more for worse.

    • I played the beta too and I agree with your sentiments. However the Hardline devs have announced they are putting major changes to the MP core gameplay mechanics as a result of the beta, and EA has pushed the released back to allow for this.

      I think this shows that they heard us, and they’re putting in the time to make it more than a re-skin

      • Yeah they aren’t all bad, but I just hate how they took out mod support when BF series had such a great mod community >

  • So call of duty gets kevin Spacey to be their bad guy and BF gets one of the squints from Bones as your partner

    • True. I also rate which game I’m going to buy by the actors who are emulated in it…

  • That MP trailer is well, could be anything. I want to seem game play. The new COD MP trailer actually looked good. Then I watched some game play and it looked standard COD crap.

    I actually really liked the Hardline Beta. It needed some changes, and I hope they use the delay to make bigger, better and more complicated maps. This is of course assuming they actually did delay it to do a bit of an over hall on the MP. Not just for marketing reasons, or the most likely reasion being that they are still trying to fix the god damn FB3 engine. BF4 still has awful netcode.

    The SP though, it looks decent but it’s just a variation of FC3 taking out an outpost. Did I even see an Alarm you can disable? I don’t have a problem, but I would like to know the context in which this exists. Is this just something you do once, do you do it many times? The fun of that kind of thing in FC was plenty of experiences and chances to try out different stuff. If it’s just one random part of a couple of missions, eh…

    • yeah I agree with you about the Farcry thing. As soon as they started scanning the bad guys I picked up on that

  • Not really interested in the singleplayer campaign, but I did play a lot of the multiplayer beta. If you can look past the fact that on the surface it’s just a reskin for BF4, there’s actually a pretty fun game underneath.

    The blood money mode was just a glorified death match, and pretty garbage imo, but the heist games I played were surprisingly intense. There’s a lot to be said for the adrenaline rush of jumping on a bike and making a mad dash with a money bag on your back, while every man and his dog is chasing you. As someone who has pretty much given up on the Battlefield series after 3 and 4, I actually found myself having a surprising amount of fun. Whether the final release holds up will have to remain to be seen (and hopefully it isn’t a giant buggy mess like BF4).

    Also, driving the tanker off the bridge at people Terminator 2 style is glorious.

    • I agree with you. I think the blood money mode needed a higher cash level, but that was probably the BETA.

      I really like the Heist mode, but the one problem I had was the map was too damn small. If you could sustain the action of being chased longer, it could be something amazing!

      Getting to the top of the sky scraper was cool. But everything was still too close in the city. One was just at the end of a straight street.

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