15-Minute Metal Gear Solid V Demo Is Ridiculous And Amazing

Shown off today during a Gamescom livestream, here's the newest demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which will be out for consoles and PC... eventually.

It's silly. Very silly. There's horse poop and goat murder and boxes with bikini models. Enjoy.

(video via Shirrako)


    Didn't they sell us the demo 6 months ago already?

    ... :P

      Damnit, beat to the punch, now I clicked on the article for nothing =P

      Didn't they sell us the d... ah shit, too late

    This makes me want to play Red Dead Redemption again.
    Also, why is this in PC, the on-screen graphics would indicate this is running on PS4.

    wow, 4 minutes in and i shut it off...
    the horse shit not only spun the vehicle out but caused lightning(?) and knocked the guards out!?!?
    the entire game is now lost to me over this stupid gimmick (not even going to mention the others...)

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