27 Things You Might (Actually) Not Know About The Simpsons

I knew that Michael Jackson was involved in "Do The Bartman," but I did not know why The Simpsons movie was banned in Burma.

These sorts of videos — the things you didn't know about the thing — are awfully common these days. That said, this one from Buzzfeed Video is pretty good. I didn't know a lot of these, and while I guess Simpsons superfans will probably know a few more than I did, I bet we can all still learn a thing or two.


    Post a text list PLEASE.

      This one's actually pretty good compared to the usual ten minute countdown, He gets through them quickly with no BS.

      Asking the writer to type everything out is unreasonable. Instead of complaining maybe watch the video later if you are so damn busy.

        Maybe he should do his job and not ctrl c then ctrl v.

          Maybe you should get employment here and show us how good of a job you would do, hot shot.
          It's either that, or shut your mouth.

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            Well obviously there aren't any vacancies to apply for as they keep these "writers" on their payroll even when they do a shit job.
            [edit] - and there's a comment section so people CAN voice their opinions!

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              BOO!!!! BOO-URNS!!! ;)

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        The nerve of some people, expecting a writer to write content to go along with a headline...

          The content IS the video, if he wrote a list then what would be the point of the video??!

          Oh i'm sorry, i forgot you were owed more from a website you don't pay to read.

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            Shhhh it's all gonna be OK buddy. Stop posting then checking back and editing your comments and just walk away into the sunset with the keyboard under your arm and the wind in you hair.

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              Thank you, i appreciate that. I know it'll be OK, it's just the pressures of life and the constant threat of terrorism is tearing me apart, and i guess i take it out on people online, even though i know i'd probably get along with them in the real world.

              FYI I'm only editing due to my keyboard having potato chips stuck in there and some of my words were missing letters.

      1. Nominated in 2013 for an Academy Award (short film)
      2. Michael Jackson wrote "Do the Bartman"
      3. Barbara Bush said Simpsons was the dumbest thing she's seen
      4. Marge wrote her a letter
      5. Marge was suppose to be a rabbit. Her hair covered up her ears
      6. Movie banned in Burma (Myanmar)
      7. In the 90s you could win a house in the style of the Simpon's one.
      8. I hate you
      9. Mcbain footage is one movie
      10. God and Jesus are the only ones with 5 fingers on each hand
      11. I really hate you
      12. When Maggie is scanned it comes up with the amount to raise a child at the time
      13. Danny Elfman wrote the theme on drive home when he met Matt Groeing
      14. Homer was originally going to be revealed as Krusty in a Shamalyan twist.
      15. Homer had a theory that Earth was shaped like a donut and has some validity.
      16. I'm going to kill you
      17. Moe's number spells out Smithers
      18. Justin Timberlake said "Word" once
      19. French voice actors of Marge and Homer married each other.
      20. I seriously hope you die for making me do this.
      21. Omar is Homer's Arabic name
      22. After Phil Hartman died he's characters retired also
      23. Burns and Homer are distant relatives
      24. I'm going to make you history, like your distant relatives (I know it makes no sense)
      25. Matt Groeing used his family members names for the Simspons
      26. Conan O Brien was a writer for the show
      27. I know where you live.

        I thought Homer's theory was a donut shaped universe that he mentioned when he was talking to Stephen Hawking?

        See, this list was helpful, because it outlines the points, but at the same time, doesnt go into so much detail that it makes the video redundant.

        This is what the writers should out as content.. Brief outline with the video elaborating on the points.

        You're hired, shithead!

          I bet you relished saying "You're hired, shithead!" ;)

      EDIT: Disregard, beaten to filling out the list.

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    Saved you a click. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hurt myself.

    27. 2013 - nominated for an Academy Award for the short "The Longest Daycare"
    26. Michael Jackson co-wrote and co-produced Do The Bartman
    25. Barbara Bush wrote that the Simpsons was the dumbest thing she'd ever seen
    24. Marge Simpson wrote a response and got an apology from the former first lady
    23. Marge's hair is so tall because Matt Groening wanted to hide bunny ears in there
    22. Simpsons movie was banned in Burma because the colours red & yellow are banned in films there
    21. 1997 you could win a Simpsons house, the winner chose the cash prize instead
    20. If you put all the McBain clips together they form a story-arc
    19. God & Jesus are the only Simpsons characters to ever have 5 fingers
    18. Maggie used to ring up $84763 because that's the estimated cost of raising a baby in 1989
    17. Danny Elfman wrote the theme song on the way home from a meeting with Matt Groening
    16. Homer was originally meant to be revealed to be Krusty, hence why they look alike
    15. Homer's theory that the universe is like a doughnut has some validity according to cosmologists
    14. The Number Bart uses to prank Moes spells "SMITHERS" (76484377)
    13. When he appeared in an ep, Justin Timberlake was recorded saying "word" and this was used over & over
    12. The French voice actors who play Marge & Homer got married in real life
    11. The Arabic version, Homer is named "Omar"
    10. When Phil Hartman passed away, all of his characters were retired (but appear in the background occasionally)
    9. According to family tree, the Simpsons and Mr. Burns are distant relatives
    8. Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Patty are the names of Matt Groening's real family. Bart is an anagram of "BRAT"
    7. Conan O'Brien was a writer on the show. On his first day a bird flew into window and killing itself, and his colleagues tried to convince him it was an omen
    6. Homer's "d'oh" is translated to "t'oh"
    5. In Spanish, "d'oh" is translated to "ouch"
    4. In Arabic versions beer is replaced with soda
    3. Longer couch gags are used for shorter episodes
    2. Krusty is named after Rusty Nails the clown
    1. Millhouse's middle name is Mussolini

      Good, I in no way want to support the shitpile that is Buzzfeed!

    i knew all these, but ima huge Simpsons fan

    McBain Video

      So good. My flatmate first showed this to me years ago and everytime I see a segment now I have to go and watch the full "movie."

    Homer's D'oh is not "ouch" in spanish and doesn't even sound like in the video.

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