'80s TMNT Cartoon Intro Remade For The 21st Century

80s TMNT Cartoon Intro Remade For The 21st Century

Are you seeking a brief respite from the weird shitshow that is Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles remake? Good news: The internet has provided.

In the video above, animator Aazim Khan of Zim Animation has re-created the intro to the classic '80s TMNT cartoon in 3D. It's welcomely non-heinous, which could not be said of several other Ninja Turtles remakes, possibly even including the cartoon series it's based on.

For reference (and nostalgia), here's the original:


    Poor Raph and Mikey, cool rude guy and party dude, what sort of role is that in a ninja team

    The "original" you referenced is infact a HD remake of the original and whilst in parts it looks good parts like the faces looks terrible.

    Here is the actually original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6jQIul9x8w

      Good eye. I was watching it thinking to myself, I could have sword the original intro wasn't this shitty.

    so beautiful, why cant they hire this guy to make a remake of the original TMNT Series

      While I absolutely love the original series, it definitely hasn't aged well, particularly when it comes to story. Best to leave it as is, IMHO.

    While I'm not the hugest fan of that, I'd rather the cartoon, that would of been the greatest toy ad ever in the 80's!

    Aw come on, I didn't even need to look that up to know that video isn't the original.

    I bought the dvds a couple years ago to the entire series and was soooo excited, but man, that show did not age well. I stopped watching after a disc or two, to keep the awesome memories from my childhood just that...

      How bad is all the loud grating low quality music throughout?

    This is the original intro. The one linked to is yet another remake.


    So much better than that Michael Bay "thing"

    Eh, while competent for a DIY job it's still fairly awf. The movements are all way too fluid and lethargic, the original looks a MILLION times better.

    And ftr that second video is so obviously not actually he original. Hand in your card.

    Personally, I prefer this version: http://youtu.be/M7oE2iKBMgc


    They could honestly have just had a video of someone's anus opening and a poo sliding out, and as long as it had that theme song, it would have been brilliant.

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