How To Make The Best Of A Cracked Phone Screen

8/4/2014: How To Make The Best Of A Cracked Phone Screen

Briefly: I know this will be old news for some, but this was the first time I'd seen someone use Ryu to turn a bad situation into a fairly creative one.

This is definitely not the only example, either, so if you've got a busted screen and want to turn it into something useful, there are plenty of great character poses to help you out.

[via Reddit]


    Replacing an iphone screen is painfully easy. less than 30 bux on ebay for a new screen and about 20 mins on the internet to learn how to do it. Everytime i see people walking around with broken iphone screens I just assume they're retarded.

      Well, many people are not tech savvy, or even eBay savvy.

      After a few breaks I assume a few of the rest stop replacing it. But yes, I mostly agree, it's quite easy to fix.

      Or they are not confident enough to do the repair themselves, even if they know it is possible. The repair might cost $30, but the device itself costs hundreds of dollars new. If it still mostly worked, it doesn't sound that irrational to fear making it worse.

    My Galaxy S3's screen had been broken for over a year and I've just got used to it. It seems crazy, given how much it used to annoy me, but now I don't even notice it.

    I like this one more :P

    Speaking of Street Fighter... I'm trying to find the doco about the Melbourne guy who decides (from memory it's after losing his job) to try and enter the competitive street fighter scene. All my searches lead to Fight Night and I'm about to Hadouken my phone into the wall, can anyone help me?

    I had my wife's iPhone fixed in 30min for $110. It is really becoming much easier, 2 years ago I had to wait 3 days for my Galaxy S3 to be fixed for $250.

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