A 16 Year Old Genius Just Built Minecraft In Trials Fusion

We’ve seen some incredible things created within Trials Fusion’s super flexible track creator, but this might be the most insane thing yet. 16 year old user PneumaticBog484 has literally created a functional version of Minecraft inside Trials Fusion. Kids these days. They are literally magicians.

But this guy in particular, this PneumaticBog484 chap, he’s absolutely amazing. His Minecraft creation is just the tip of the iceberg. He has a whole plethora of incredible creations using the Trials Fusion creator, including procedurally generated tracks and a track with a monster that actually follows the progress of your bike with his eyes.

Oh and he also built a first person shooter using the Trials track creator. And not just a regular first person shooter, an actual good one that allows you to wall run ala Titanfall.

Trials YouTuber Professor FatShady put together a great tour of his best work above and I fully recommend you watch it to get a vibe for the incredible work PneumaticBog484 is doing. I literally cannot believe my eyes. How is this possible?

This is must watch stuff.

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