A Better Look At The Call Of Duty Xbox One Console And Controller

We first saw the Call of Duty Xbox One console and controller this morning, but the pic was tiny and generally unhelpful. So here's a better look.

I... kinda like it! It's like an expensive, militarised coffee machine.


    Not a fan of COD but I do like that controller.

    Also just noticed that the buttons aren't color coded, they have been replaced by little arrows. I think that's pretty cool.

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      I do like the colours and aesthetics of this controller, although I do wonder how long that gold paint will last on the d-pad.

    Will buy for the 1tb hdd. Won't ever install cod.

      You do realize that you can upgrade the hard drive yourself, doesn't look too hard. Don't know about copying the data and OS onto the new hard drive though, I'll have to do some searching.


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        Yeah, I wouldn't want to break warranty. The amount of 360s I went through last gen has me cautious to the point of not doing a thing.

          Yeah, but there's a massive difference between the Xbone and 360, in that the 360 uses a proprietary hard drive, where as the Xbone just uses a normal 2.5" Laptop hard drive. They've added external hard drive support for the Xbone too, so there's always that.

            Only partiotions of up to 256gb or something right? I bought 2 2tb usb 3 externals (one for the ps4 and one for the x1) and they are both sitting there unused.

            Why can't they let me format the whole drive for each console?!? They must have known the game sizes were this big. Still waiting.

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              Nope, apparently that's just what the minimum size of the drive has to be.

              Straight from the XBox website
              When you connect a compatible external storage drive, Xbox One will walk you through setting it up.

              The basic requirements for an external drive are:
              Has capacity of 256 GB or more
              Uses USB 3.0


              Also, I'm pretty sure the PS4 doesn't support external drives, but it's easy to replace the internal one.

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                Sweet, ill take one out of it's box and not bother with the cod x1. You sir, just saved me $600!

                I bought the ps4 as an exclusives and ps+ box so prob won't need the space.

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                  Glad I could help a fellow gamer. You gotta admit though that the CoD one looks a lot nicer.

                  Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure you can plug in both of your external drives (since you can't use one for the PS4), giving you a total of an extra 4TB.

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    I like it, looks much better than the stock Xbone, won't show up as much dust as the "piano black" either.

    i think this looks sick - hopefully advanced warfare is a big step back in the right direction from ghosts, as this bundle may prove to be very tempting..

    I hope they sell the controller separate. I want a 2nd one, but have been hanging out for a more interesting colour.

    Them round tally marks :O Come on zombies please.

    This sums it all up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcgRaf38uCQ

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