A Heartfelt Ode To Studio Ghibli

A Heartfelt Ode To Studio Ghibli

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the fate of anime production house Studio Ghibli (which, as far as we know, is not dead yet). While its future has yet to be decided, all the fuss has given everyone a great opportunity to reflect on all the movies they made and why they matter to a lot of people.

The song above (made, I’m guessing, at the height of the speculation) is an impassioned ode from the folks over at FOX ADHD. If you’re on this site, chances are good you have a favourite Ghibli movie. So let’s sit back, relax and hope that Studio Ghibli still has some good years ahead of it.

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  • My Neighbour Totoro and Howel’s Moving Castle, thats Gibli to me
    (and all the others)

  • that was pretty good, but is it pronounced “Jib-ley”? I always thought it was “Gib-ley”

    • I always thought so too. Most Australians I know pronounce it “Gib-lee” or “Gib-lay”, so I always assumed that was the correct pronunciation.

      I can confirm though, if you go to the Ghibli Museum in Japan they do indeed pronounce it “Ji-bu-ri”.

      • I thought this too, until I looked up the logo and indeed the Japanese text actually says “ji”.

    • Ghibli is an Italian word related to a type of plane, pronounced with a hard ‘G’ sound.
      Miyazaki didn’t realise that at the time, and has always pronounced it with a ‘J’ sound.

      • El-ghibli is the Arabic name of the Mediterranean wind, which is what Miyazaki named the studio after. The Arabic version is pronounced with a ch- sound, which closely matches a soft G or J sound. The Italian usage is a subsequent corruption and has a hard G sound, and the Italian word is where Miyazaki got the name.

        So it depends how you look at it. Etymologically, the studio pronunciation with the soft G is much closer to the correct original pronunciation from Arabic. But if you only look at the particular Italian version of the word he decided to use, it’s pronounced differently.

  • Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke for me! I love me some animals. But I just watched Only Yesterday … yesterday… And it was fantastic! Ghibli does slice of life so well, I recommend it to all

  • Spirited Away, Howls Moving Castle are favourites of mine. I also really enjoyed The Wind Rises.

    I will be picking up the bluray boxset releasing in the UK later this year.

  • Definitely Laputa: Castle in the Sky for me. I do have all of the Ghibli movies even the old VHS still in their cases in my parent’s home. Probably should go back and claim them for my children if I do have them.

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